Jennifer Aniston's face change suggests plastic surgery or botox

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Jennifer Aniston’s face has changed, her skin has gotten tighter and she is looking a little puffy around the eyes, lips and nose. The big question today is did Jennifer Aniston get a little help from plastic surgery?

According to Celeb TV Jennifer Aniston was in Mexico City last week promoting her new fragrance, but the pictures taken of “American’s Sweetheart” show a definite change in her face.

Celeb TV is suggesting that Jennifer Aniston might have had some plastic surgery very recently because the puffiness appears to still be with her. In one picture her eyes look as if they are squinted from the puffiness around them. The same puffiness is seen around her mouth and nose.

Jennifer Aniston is 42, which is hard to believe because she looks so much younger, but this is around the age that lines on the face develop and skin gets a bit saggy. It may be that Jennifer decided on a little help from science via plastic surgery or even botox injections.

She the pictures of Jennifer Aniston HERE.

The young woman we know and love from “Friends” has grown up and has appeared in many movies. She made the transition from the little screen to the big screen with no problem.

Jennifer Aniston was born in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California. Her parents were actors John Aniston and Nancy Dow and her famous god father was Telly Salvalas, so she was brought up around Hollywood stars. Plastic surgery is a very common in Hollywood and has been for decades.

Hopefully Jennifer Aniston won't go the way of the stars that have really over done it with plastic surgery like Joan Rivers, whose face seems to be frozen in one place. Her face looks like it hurts from being pulled so tight.

Michael Jackson really went overboard with plastic surgery to the point that he did not look like his original self.

Melanie Griffith was adorable, but her plastic surgery has made her look too different and not at all in proportion. At one point her lips were so full that they looked as if they might pop.

Priscilla Presley is starting to look like the cat woman, that face that starts to resemble a feline with over done plastic surgery.

Cher is another celebrity that is a walking billboard that says, “ I have had plastic surgery." Her once exotic looks are gone and once again she is another star with her face out of all proportion.

Meg Ryan has that frozen face look that Joan Rivers sports and her trout like lips are not at all becoming.

These celebrities did not just go under the knife for a little help, they were made over to the point that they do not look like themselves anymore. Hopefully Jennifer Aniston won’t join the ranks of the women who over did their plastic surgery.


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