Jennifer Lopez victim of ex as explicit honeymoon video goes on sale

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Jennifer Lopez's honeymoon tape with her ex-husband Ojani Noa is expected to bring millions from one of the adult film companies bidding to buy the explicit tape, which Lopez fought against unsuccessfully in court.

Jennifer Lopez’s honeymoon video with her ex-husband, Ojani Noa, is expected to go into the millions when the bidding stops, according to Noa‘s manager. Lopez’s honeymoon tapes, which contains 15-20 minutes of nudity of the “American Idol” judge, were not made to be viewed by the public. Noa found a loophole in their divorce contract that opened the door for him to sell the tape.

This is just one more case where a celebrity trusted someone they were in love with to do this private activity on tape, this time it is Jennifer Lopez’s turn to be betrayed. Noa’s manager, Ed Meyer, said the bidding started in the hundreds of thousands for Lopez’s honeymoon tape and is quickly moving up towards the million mark. The man who brokered Paris Hilton’s sex tape, Kevin Blatt, is very interested in Lopez’s tape, Meyer said.

The Lopez honeymoon tape contains 27 hours of footage, which shows “spanking and some booty,” along with clips of nudity, according to a Fox News article. Pornhub, one of the bigger porn companies is most eager to purchase the tape and a spokesman from their company, Kate Miller, reports that they “can pay the most because we got the money.” Miller went on to say that they have already reserved a spot for Jennifer Lopez’s tape in their celebrity section.

When Lopez and Noa divorced, there was a clause in their divorce that would have stopped Noa from releasing this video tape. Noa gave the tape to his new girlfriend, Claudia Vazquez, and a judge ruled that she can sell the tape for distribution. Noa’s lawyers apparently found this loop hole in the contract and although Lopez fought this in court, it was to no avail.

The footage, which has never been seen before offers shots of “Lopez acting naughty,” according to Cris Armenta, who is Vazquez’s lawyer. At the time that the video was made, Lopez gave Noa permission to tape her “acting naughty,” according to the lawyer. Lopez and Noa remained friends after the divorce and she even hired him to run her restaurant, Madres, in Pasadena, CA.

Something happened and Lopez fired Noa, who sued her at the time. They have been estranged as friends since then. While Lopez appears to have no legal recourse left to stop the selling of her honeymoon tape, it looks as if her famous derriere, will soon be seen by the public, in a way that it was never meant to be seen.

Lopez now joins the ranks of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and many other Hollywood celebrities who trusted their ex-husbands and lovers to shoot private photos and videos depicting nudity and sexual content, only to regret it in the future. Images are there forever and there is no taking them back, especially when they land in the wrong hands.

Update: RadarOnline reports that a last minute hearing will be held on Monday morning for Jennifer Lopez's legal council to try and block the sale of this video one more time.

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