Jesus appears on Wal-Mart receipt to stunned shoppers

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Jesus comes to people in many forms, but recently he came to a South Carolina couple on a Wal-Mart receipt, which formed a very detailed inkblot-looking image of a man's face, resembling the divine one.

A Wal-Mart receipt magically developed into the face of Jesus, or at least that is what a South Carolina couple believe. The check-out receipt sat for a few days and then the bizarre occurrence of this face, which could be considered Jesus, manifested on the paper.

Gentry Lee Sutherland and Jacob Simmons' receipt was for pictures they had developed at their local Wal-Mart in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. Sutherland said the receipt sat on the kitchen counter for three days before the face appeared. The engaged couple went to church on Wednesday night, which is their usual night for Bible study, upon returning home the receipt had changed. It looked like ink had been poured on it, revealing a very detailed portrait of Jesus of Nazareth. The ink does not smudge or rub off, it is embedded in the paper, says Sutherland,

According to the Christian Post, Sutherland said, "there's tons of people who will say, 'Oh, we're in the Bible Belt,' but here's my question to the doubters, who else has the power to put their face on a check-out receipt but Jesus?"

The picture of Jesus on the Wal-Mart receipt can be seen

The paper the receipt is printed on became discolored and it looks like black ink or ash has seeped into the paper somehow. Sutherland called Wal-Mart to ask if they had any idea how the paper could change colors like that. He was told that if the receipt is exposed to heat, the thermal paper it is printed on can discolor.

The image is amazing, it is not something you need to stare at for a while to see the face that appears on this small piece of paper. The face of Jesus is what the couple see, but not everyone agrees with them. Some are saying it looks like Charles Manson or Osama bin Laden, but whatever name you attribute to the picture, it is an amazing portrait of a human face. The couple has shared their find with family and friends, but didn't have any plans at this point about what, if anything they could or should do with their discovery.

Pareidolia, is the phenomenon known as seeing images in objects, like seeing animals or faces in clouds, or the face of the man on the moon. The inkblot tests, used by psychologists are similar - finding images in a series of ink stains used to determine what the subjects' train of thought leads them to, as they assign images to the shapes. This is to help them along in therapy, by bringing these thoughts out in the open for the therapist.

Jesus and the Virgin Mary are two of the more popular images people seem to find in all types of bizarre places. From cookies to the side of a house, these images make the news every so often.


Submitted by Charlotte (not verified) on
The name is Charles Manson- no 'i'! lol - and why would they think they know what Jesus looks like? There were no pictures back then- so many people seem to think he was white, but duh he was born in Israel.

Submitted by Flintstone (not verified) on
No I in Charles Manson...thanks for that. Also thanks for your comment, why do some people think they know what Jesus looked like? He seems to appear in pizza crust, on bed sheets, and now Wahlmart receipts. Any images of Jesus were painted hundreds of years after he was long gone! Another question...why is GOD a white male? Mmmmmm...

Submitted by skeptic (not verified) on
It is a clear picture - if you look at it one way, but this could be any hippie out of the sixties and it does resemble Charles Manson somewhat, don't see bin Laden, but it is in the eye of the beholder I guess. You raise a good question, why does it have to be Jesus, why not the image of a guy from Woodstock ? Then again, they just came back from bible study - who else would it be?

Submitted by Tuna 1966 (not verified) on
Not only is he our saviour but now he is a " price drop " as well !! Go Jesus !!!

Submitted by The-Drisc (not verified) on
The human brain is trained to see faces. Hence the face on Mars 'er whatever. The close up images look nothing like a face. Jesus couldn't of been white, because he lived in the desert. How many white Iraqi's are there?

Submitted by Charlotte (not verified) on
I agree, we always seem to find faces. He not only lived in the desert- he lived on the African continent; so the chances are really big he looked different than people think. The guy who shot all those immigrants in Norway; thinks he's trying to 're christianize' Norway- and many of them were from the same area as Jesus.

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