Kat Von D hints about deserving more after split from Jesse James

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The "L.A. Ink" star, Kat Von D, talks about deserving "total love" and believes it's important not to lose sight of her value as a womn while she opens up about her split from Jesse James.

Kat is single once again and she announced the news via her Facebook page. This is the second time that the queen of tattoos and her fiance' Jesse James have called it quits. They first split in July after they had been planning a late summer wedding. Then the two reconciled and Kat couldn't be happier, as she demonstrated on her reality show. She was so high on life while back with her “soul mate” again. Today that high is gone and the queen of tattoo design is back in L.A. alone.

What happened to this couple who appeared to be very much in love on the last episode of “L.A. Ink?" The fans saw the tattoo queen searching for a “temporary” site to create her tattoos in Austin as they said good-bye on the reality show. Kat was going to write a book about tattoos and she needed to ink some large and elaborate creations for that book while in Texas. James even built her a studio on his property. The episode closed with the tattooed diva on such a natural high that you found yourself looking to see if her feet were on the ground.

People Magazine spoke with Kat about the demise of her engagement for the second time. "It was clear to me that we were just on two different paths in life," she said. She also quoted a friend in an attempt to sum up what happened in a few short words, "My friend put it best when he said I could never be more deserving of total, noble love. And as a woman, I think it's important to know your value and never lose sight of that."

Kat sounds like she was not about to sell herself short for the love of a man, if this is what she meant by this friend’s quote. “Total and noble love,” sounds like her friend was speaking of fidelity. Whatever the queen of tattoos meant when she posted her friend’s words of wisdom, it sounds like this was lacking in her relationship with Jesse.

Some say being in a long distance relationship might have played havoc with the couple, but the two of them seemed to have found a solution, which was on display on the last episode of “L.A. Ink.” This solution was the compromise on Kat's part as she was making the arrangements to settle in Austin temporarily after ending her reality show. Along with her Facebook announcement about their separation, she also wrote that “I am in no way moving to Texas," but before they split she was planning to spend a prolonged period of time with James in Austin. She also went on to say that she did not close her shop, “High Voltage Tattoo,” which was the setting for “L.A. Ink.

In the last episode you got the feeling the tattoo artist was not crazy about Texas, as it is very different from the bustling streets of L.A. where her tattoo business thrived. Maybe she could just not see herself transplanted in that section of the country and opted out instead of prolonging the relationship. Jesse James has not made a statement about the break-up as of yet, but Kat made sure to say she wishes “nothing but the best in life and love” for her ex, which clearly sounds like there are no hard feelings involved, at least from her end.

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