Kate Middleton gets intense training amid worries of kidnapping threat

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The future Queen of England's life looks glamorous from the spectators point of view, but there is a part that is filled with very dangerous and scary possibilities that Kate Middleton is getting prepared for today.

Kate Middleton’s life isn’t all glamour and glitz, she is also in more danger than the average person. For this reason Kate is undergoing the SAS training against possible terrorist attacks and kidnap attempts with dissident groups like the real IRA in mind. Kate was trained amid fears that she has become a possible kidnap target due to her global fame, reports the Sun today.

The course has been taken by other Royals, such as both Prince William and Harry, the Queen, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, as well as politicians. It is described as both physically and mentally grueling. According to the Sun, "It teaches key survival skills such as noticing anything unusual in routine surroundings, how to react when attacked and how to build a relationship with hostage-takers." The instructors for this course are professional SAS personal protection or M15 officers.

While other new brides embark on their first months of marriage with setting up house and honing in their cooking skills, Kate is taught how to protect herself if she does become a target of a terrorist. This does not add much glamour to the life of the future Queen of England. The 29 year-old Kate has to be a bit worried with the possibilities of becoming the object of a kidnapping plot.

According to Royal Officials, Kate has been well trained on what to do if the unthinkable happens. The fear that Kate is a prime target for a terrorist group comes because of her overwhelming popularity world-wide. The course teaches how to react and cope both mentally and physically in case she does fall into dangerous hands.

This same training came in handy with a situation in 1982 when the Queen woke-up one morning to find a stranger sitting at the foot of her bed and she just started calmly talking to him, reports the Sun. This training taught the Queen to keep her head and she talked to the intruder, who was depressed and suicidal, for 10 minutes before help finally arrived. Kate is learning how to react to unusual situations for her best chance of surviving them. The full training can take months, and it is not known how long Kate will be taking this training or if they are giving her a shortened version or not.

One of the things Kate will learn is to build a relationship with kidnappers in case the situation does occur, which is the key in keeping her safe as possible in a very dangerous situation. The course is very realistic, when Princess Diana went through this training "her hair was set alight by an exploding flash bomb," according to the Sun.

Kate is taking the training at an undisclosed location, which has been kept top secret.

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