Laws banning circumcision sought in two California cities

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Santa Monica joins San Francisco in seeking a ban on male circumcision for a boy under 18, calling it unnecessary and painful.

A ban on circumcision could become a new law in Santa Monica, which will do away with the archaic and painful custom of altering a male baby’s penis. The same proposed ban is already on the November ballot in San Francisco, according to KTLA News.

If this new law does pass, circumcising a boy under the age of 18, even for religious reason will not be allowed. The MGM bill ( Male Genital Mutilation bill) are hoping this will go on the ballot in November in Santa Monica.

While female circumcision is already outlawed in the U.S., the circumcision of males is widely accepted. The opponents of this mutilating procedure would like to see the male circumcision abolished as well. The group sponsoring the MGM bill, believes that the male circumcision is a painful and unnecessary procedure.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that male circumcision has been associated with lower the risk of contracting HIV, STD transmission and urinary tract infections. The other problem with banning this procedure is that it is a religious requirement in Judaism and opponents of this ban are saying a law banning circumcision will violate the 1st Amendment.

The proposed ban would make performing a circumcision, excise, cut or mutilate the foreskin, testicle or penis of another person who has not attained the age of 18," a misdemeanor. Circumcising a boy would result in a fine up to $1000 and up to one year in jail.

Most any mother, who has handed their son over to the doctor for a circumcision has asked the question, “will it be painful for the baby?” Circumcision is usually done in the hospital, just a day or two after the birth of a male baby.

While most doctors have traditionally said “no,” the procedure is not painful for the baby, studies suggest that the circumcision is painful. The Circumcision Resource Center describes the behaviors of the male child during and after the procedure as responding to pain.

Upon being circumcised, “the baby began to gasp and choke, breathless from his shrill continuous screams,” is a description of one baby going through this procedure from this research center. This describes the baby‘s pain response.

The Wall Street Journal has conducted a nation wide online poll asking - “Should a San Francisco measure to ban circumcision on males under 18 pass? 73.1% voted no, they were against this law being passed, while 26.9% voted that the measure should be in place and ban the circumcision of males under the age of 18. Over 4,300 people voted in the poll so far.

Reference: KTLA News, The Circumcision Resource Center, Wall Street Journal Poll


Submitted by alanwillingham (not verified) on
What about the mother's Right to Choose? What is being discussed is a piece of tissue that is not a human being.... Does this mean that entire baby humans that are mutilated and killed by the millions may now have some possible hope of escaping being sliced, diced, and thrown into dumpsters?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I totally agree! I am trying to wrap my mind around the fact that some people are okay with mutilating the entire baby and sucking their brains out....via Partial Birth Abortion, but they are repulsed by circumcision? They think a mother has the "right" to choose to kill her unborn baby, but not the right to get him circumcised.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Being born is painful to a baby. If they are going to ban circumcisions because it is painful then I guess vaccines will also have to be banned to!!!! My kids give the same reaction when they get their REQUIRED immunizations to go into kindergarten. Ask any child that has been circumcised if it hurt and he won't be able to tell you. Women have the right to choose to kill a living child in their womb, but not the right to choose if the baby gets circumcised or not. What is this world coming too??!!!!! Stinkin' liberals!!!!!! If you are against circumcision, then don't get your child circumcised, it's that simple.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The liberals have no trouble tearing a baby apart in the womb or pulling the baby out feet first and sticking scissors in its head to kill it but they are worried about the pain of a circumcision. This is a direct assault on the Jewish people and their covenant with God. Circumcision is an outward sign of that covenant and a direct correlation to God's promise of the Land of Canaan - now Israel - for the Jews FOREVER!!!! I smell an BIG anti-Semitic rat and another attempt of the UN to take over control of our children.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
This should not be banned at all. I actually favor the circumcision of a boy, I have a son and did circumcise him as a newborn. I have a friend whose boy doesn't have his penis circumcised and he's had problems keeping it clean and free from bacterial infections. I also think that it looks better and would ward off his chances as an adult to have his sexual partner take displeasure in an uncircumcised penis and thus making him self conscious about it. (I know that plenty of people like it the other way and that's fine...I just personally do not. Nothing against those who aren't circumcised, I just preferred for my son to be circumcised.) Anyways, my point is that as a mother I made sure that my son had a local anesthetic given to him to help him not feel any pain. It worked 100% and he was fine. The only downfall that I wasn't prepared for was when the anesthesia wore off he was in a lot of pain for about 3 - 4 hours. Looking back now, and if I had another baby, I would make sure to find out about pain relief for afterward. I know it might be tricky because the baby is a newborn and you want to be careful what you give them, but there has to be something that doctors could help parents be aware of so that this procedure could be like many other procedures that are performed and the baby can be kept out of pain and monitored so that he would be okay. This is where I feel that common sense is lacking, to not look into having a local anesthesia for your baby. Doctors should make parents more aware of how to handle this procedure so that the baby boy feels no pain. Back when I had my son, I had to do the research as information was not made available to me openly from any physician, it was only when I inquired about it and told them my wishes from what I researched. Fortunately the doctor that was there that did the procedure was one anyways that only used a local for this, but not all doctors do. Why don't these people who are trying to make this a law, protect children by making a law that keeps pedophiles off the streets forever! That's something to make an issue about. Also, comparing this procedure to that of the female circumcision is so ignorant. The female circumcision many times is not done in a medical facility and is done on a school age girl being held down by other women and felt like torture. This procedure is done to take away any chance for the young girl to have her clitoris and have an orgasm and enjoying sexual intercourse. They even make the vaginal opening smaller. This is to ensure that she will stay loyal to her husband. It's barbaric and sick.

Submitted by Pedro 617 (not verified) on
I was not circumcised. At 40 years old I have experienced the pleasure and sometimes super sensativity that comes with all interactions with my penis. I have had to both care for it and have pleasure with my penis as well as introduce others to it. It's amazing the amount of people who have this predisposed belief of how gross or ugly and even unhygienic they believe it to be. I think of the loss I would have to endure through this procedure and joy I get from having my foreskin. My son has his foreskin and I have taught him how to clean it, care for it and even that when he touches himself and finds pleasure to do that in private. Having respect and knowledge are the two fundamental keys to caring for the foreskin. It's a tradgedy that men are raised to believe this lie it's for hygienic reasons or religion. It's completely unnecessary and needs to stop being allowed here.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
While I respect your opinion regarding your personal experience and that of your family... to judge whether we are raised to believe it is for hygiene or religious reasons is not yours to comment upon. While the hygienic value of the procedure is also not mine to judge, as I am not a doctor, how can you honestly tell someone else whether their religion or religious practices are sensible or not. It seems today that many parents have trouble teaching their kids right from wrong, how to stay in school, and how to keep away from drugs and excessive alcohol use... hence the overcrowded jails and increasing proliferation of gang violence. So while I respect your choice and hail your efforts to teach your son how to properly care for it, I believe its an urealistic expectation for the population at large to tell parents what is or is not appropriate when it comes to their sons genitalia.

Submitted by Pedro617 (not verified) on
Religon mine or yours is personal that is correct and I can care less about what you practice. However I do agree with waiting for a child to be old enough (18) to decide for themself whether it's right for them. That at least allows a person the ability to educate and really understand what's happening with the choices they are making. Even if you put a baby to sleep before its still forcing your own personal religious choices onto them. Now I'm not telling you your right or wrong these are my views and I am not telling anyone what to do rather how I feel. So hygiene is not a valid reason for circumcision it is just another procedure to make money. If you want to do it because you believe in a man in the sky says so...religion is another procedure to make money...duh! Wake up and realize that it is about being healthy and happy and whole, keeping everything your born with because it serves a purpose.

Submitted by Anonymous Proct... (not verified) on
I do think circumsition should be a chioce for consenting adults. However many do it to a baby without any aunistetic and I find that mutilating the child. I understand religion and I do not think banned completely will fix it however I think they should wait till a later age or atleast put the baby to sleep. I watched a circumsition on a baby and the baby was fully awake as they slid sciccors inside under the skin as the baby began to screech and the doctor gave the video and the baby was not asleep he was wide awake and helpless strapped into the device. I think this is the same of cruelly cutting off someones fingertips. I understand religion but really do we have to put these children in so much pain? What did they do to deserve to suffer? Also since the doctor was giving a explanation he was doing it even slower as he played with the childs peniues to show how the procudure gos. I was sick and mortified. I think it should not be forced and since 18 you have the legal right to say no. I think that anyone forced 18 and over should be able to sue the doctor or family. I think anyone under should not be mutilated or put to sleep since this is just nuesiating and wrong.

Submitted by Larry (not verified) on
There must be nothing but radical lunatics supporting the circumcision law. If they are going to do this then we need a law banning all breast augmentation, body piercing for women except in their ears, egg transplants for women, facelifts for women and liposuction for women.


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