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LutzSec computer hackers want call-in suggestions from the public

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If you want a computer hacked it could be as simple as a phone call to LutzSec, the folks that hack into computers, who have posted a phone number for the public to call-in and suggest their next hacking job.

LulzSec, an infamous group that hacks into computers, have some big jobs in their resume. They have hacked into the database, Sony, Nintendo, FBI affiliates along with many other agencies and companies. Now the LulzSec folks are offering their expertise to the general population. With 150,000 Twitter followers today, LulzSec is becoming high profile and now with their services offered to the public, they are becoming almost like the modern day Robin Hood of the Internet.

This could be heaven-sent for some disgruntled customers or employees, if their suggestion are picked. This is certainly one very unique payback that would cause chaos for the targeted website. It is like sending in a technology hit man to get your revenge. Depending how a company uses its website, this could be an online nightmare. If the website is used for sales purposes, it could be a costly online nightmare.

The group is taking requests via a phone line they have set up. Yesterday, which was the first day of this hacking offering, LulzSec recieved 5,000 missed calls and 2,500 voice mails. They have dubbed their opening day, "#TitanicTakeoverTuesday." This call-in -line is for people to leave a message with their suggestions for LulzSec's next hacking target. The group is fielding the suggestions and when they decide on a target, they will hack into its database and post damaging information on the web.

"Now accepting calls from true lulz fans—let's all laugh together at butthurt gamers. 614-LULZSEC, accepting as many as we can, let's roll" was the tweet the group posted on Tuesday, asking for suggestions of possible sites to make use of their hacking skills.The groups targets for Tuesday were Escapist Magazine, Eve Online, Minecraft, League of Legends along with eight other call-in requests. Today so far the group is reporting that they took out the login server for the website Heroes of Newerth.

LutzSec is asking for feedback from the public with a poll posted on their website about their hacking offers and what people think about them doing this. They ask questions of whether you are amused or disgusted by LutzSec's hacks? About 40 percent (or 611 votes) of people said the group is funny and is making a serious point about security, while 43 percent (or 669 votes) said no, they're not amusing and hacking into companies or launching DDoS attack are no laughing matter. Another 17% (264 votes) said yes, they are funny, but they don't approve of what they are doing.

Today LultzSec reports that it is getting 5-20 phone calls per second and they can forward their number anywhere in the world. They are asking for the public's suggestions on where to forward these calls. As of right now they are forwarding their call-in number to the customer support line of various businesses, including and World of Warcraft. Another tweet today asks if you would like to suggest a business to forward these phone calls to.

While the authorities have not commented on LulzSec's newest public hacking offering, according to PC Magazine, they are most likely investigating. Under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, this type of activity can get you 5 to 20 years in prison if convicted.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I can not believe that a new Hackergroup would listen to suggested aims. Ha, ha. For 8 hours the EON in little Germany could be a nice aim. But nobody can do that. Lutzis? Who are you? Ha, ha. It was just a joke. Don't be angry. EON in little Germany. Those who care are those who know

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Hack the Vatican!! Pope`s agenda, etc...

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