Madonna sued by neighbor as vibrations and pounding makes life unbearable

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The "Material Girl" is being sued by a NYC neighbor for too much noise and a London neighbor got a noise abatement against Madonna's property in England.

It seems that Madonna is not the most courteous of neighbors; in fact some might consider living adjacent to the pop singer a nightmare. Pounding noises and loud music from her apartment disrupted her neighbors to the point that she ended up seeing legal action in two different countries. Madonna’s $7 million New York City home has a neighbor, who is so up in arms, that she is taking her to court. This is not the first time, the same type of pounding noises and loud music are described by her London neighbors, who also got the law involved.

It looks like the woman, who goes to all lengths to perpetuate her youth, is turning her homes into dance studios, with loud music and lots of heavy stepping from not only Madonna, but her guests. Her refusal to turn down the volume has earned her a court date, as the “Material Girl” is now being sued by her former NYC neighbor, Karen George.

Madonna tried to get the case thrown out of court, but the judge for the case refused her request and is going ahead with this suit. Louis York, the Supreme Court Justice from Manhattan, said there is evidence that she is a noisy neighbor so the case will proceed.

The judge presented his decision to continue on with the case in a written statement that said, “One of the most basic functions of a residence is to provide shelter from the outside world for its occupants to think, interact and relax in peace.” He continued with, “If the noise caused by Madonna's activities prevented from being able to use her apartment for these purposes, then the warrant of habitability has been breached,” as reported in the Daily Mail.

George had made numerous complaints to the building management over a seventeen month period, but the music and pounding continued. She then resigned to filing legal action two years ago, registering her complaints of the loud music and banging coming from her neighbor, Madonna Ciccone, in the apartment below hers. The papers cited loud music, pounding and vibrations that occurred on a daily basis, for up to three hours a day. The papers said that Madonna regularly uses the residential apartment in Harperley Hall as a dance studio for herself and others.

The noise forced George to “leave her apartment on numerous occasions and greatly interfered with the entertainment of guests,” according to the lawsuit. George has lived in the apartment since 1995 and is in her 40’s, as 53 year-old Madonna has owned her first apartment in that building for over 20 years, purchasing it when married to Sean Penn.

Madonna owns three of the units, having turned two of the units into one massive apartment and when her plans to purchase a third unit to incorporate it into her apartment were turned down by the board, she purchased a separate unit on the seventh floor instead.

This is not the first time neighbors have complained about the “banging noises and loud music.” Across the pond in London, Madonna’s neighbors basically had the same problem and it did not stop despite the requests made by her neighbors. This was resolved when the Westminster Council in London issued a noise abatement order for Madonna’s home in Marylebone.

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