Major Bible discovery possibly chronicling last days of Jesus

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An ancient collection of 70 tiny books written on lead pages and bound with wire may unlock some of the secrets of the earliest days of Christianity.

If these books are authenticated, they could be the biggest find since the “Dead Sea Scrolls,” which were uncovered in 1947.

The pages of the books are not much bigger than a credit card and they are engraved with symbols and ancient words. The books so far appear to refer to the Messiah and even to the Crucifixion and Resurrection.

Some of the academic experts inspecting these books speculate that they may be the lost collection of codices mentioned in the Bible’s Book of Revelation.

These books were found in a remote cave in Jordon about 5 years ago. This is the same area where Christians were known to have fled after the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

Other important documents have been found in this area of Jordon. The initial metallic tests date the book from the first century AD.

The process to date a find such as this involves an estimate coming from the amount of erosion on these metal books, which is impossible for someone to achieve artificially believe the experts.
If the dating is verified, these books would predate the writings of St. Paul and be among the earliest Christian documents.

Scholars are excited with the prospect that these books might contain information on the final days of Jesus. The scholars are keeping in mind that they have been enthusiastic about finds before, only to have them turn out to be sophisticated fakes.

As of today, only a few experts have been allowed to examine this books, one such person is David Elkington, a British scholar of ancient religious history and archeology. He believes the books could be “the major discovery of Christian history.”

Elkington went on to say that it is “breathtaking to think that they are in possession of these books that may have been held by the early saints of the church.”

Another one of the experts to have examined the books, Phillip Davies, emeritus professor of Biblical Studies at Sheffield University believes there is powerful evidence that the books do have a Christian origin in plates cast into a picture map of the holy city of Jerusalem.

The books which were discovered by Jordanian Bedouin, it is believed that the books were smuggled into Israel by a Israeli Bedouin. They remain in Israel today.

The British team leading the work on the discovery fears that the present keeper of the books may be looking to sell them on the black market, or worse yet, destroy the books.
The man who holds the books denies this.

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