Mega Millions winning ticket is unclaimed - time is running out

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Just three weeks left to claim a winning Mega Millions ticket sold last July before it expires and becomes a worthless piece of paper.

Someone out there is the lucky holder of a Mega Millions Lottery ticket that was purchased almost a year ago. That lucky Mega Millions ticket holder will turn unlucky in about three weeks as the ticket is about to expire. The winning Mega Millions ticket was purchased for the July 27, 2010 date. It was one of 15 winning tickets for that nights drawing that picked five of the winning numbers (minus the mega ball).

Each of the 15 winning Mega Millions tickets for that date is worth $250,000. This is not a large prize in the scope of the usual Mega Millions winning jackpots, but it comes out to a quarter of a million dollars for each ticket holder. This is nothing to sneeze at, even though it is not the traditional millions won.

The winning Mega Millions numbers for July 27, 2010 and on the missing ticket are 2, 7, 10, 16 and 29. The gold Mega Ball number for that night was 8. but it was the five numbers that were picked correctly, the winning ticket can have any Mega ball attached to it. The winning ticket was purchased at McAleavy’s Newsstand at 10 E. Main St. in Somerville, Massachusetts. The 14 other winning tickets for this drawing have long since been claimed but, this one is still floating around out there in a glove compartment, wallet or somewhere in a drawer. This piece of paper will be rendered worthless in about three weeks, so it can't hurt to take a second look if you buy your lottery tickets at McAleary's.

“The holder of this winning ticket should immediately sign the back of the ticket and call lottery headquarters or visit a local Lottery retailer to file their claim before the ticket expires,” New Jersey Lottery Executive Director Carole Hedinger said in a statement. The other winning tickets, all worth $250,000, had three sold in New Jersey with two of the other winners also sold in Massachusetts, the rest of the winners are sprinkled among the other states that sell Mega Millions tickets.

The holder of the ticket should contact lottery headquarters at 609-599-5875. You can print a claim form from the website and mailed to P.O. Box 041, Trenton, NJ 08625-0041, Attn: Claims/Validations.

Apparently not everyone is checking to see if they have the winning numbers when over the past five years, an annual average of $38.2 million has gone unclaimed. It reached a peak in 2010 with $42.2 million unclaimed.

The law that governs the lottery states that: “Unclaimed prize money for the prize on a winning ticket or share shall be retained by the director for the person entitled thereto for one year after the drawing in which the prize was won. If no claim is made for said money within such year, the prize money shall be allocated to State institutions and State aid for education in the same manner as lottery revenues are allocated for such purposes under this act.”

With just three weeks left, it is time to get searching if you frequent McAleay's Newstand. The establishment has been in business since 1989 and added the Mega Millions to its ticket sales as soon as Massachusetts started selling Mega Millions in 1999.


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