Nike 'Marty McFly' shoes sell at auction for $37,500 to Rapper

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The "Back to the Future" shoes by Nike has one rapper looking like Marty McFly today after winning the shoes at auction last night, with more of the futuristic footwear available on eBay.

The first pair of auctioned off Marty McFly "Back to the Future" shoes from Nike, went for an amazing $37,500. Who would splurge for a pair of futuristic shoes, or should the question be, who can afford to pay this much money for a pair of Mary McFly shoes? That would be none other than the British Rapper, Tinie Tempah.

Tinie, a native of London, England, purchased the Niki Air Mag sneakers that were created after Marty McFly's shoes from the movie, "Back to the Future II." Nike's proceeds from the sale of this footwear are going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which will use the money in their research of Parkinson's Disease. Fox was on "Late Night with David Letterman" last night talking about the foundation and the shoes from the future made in his honor.

Last night Tinie appeared on the “Jay Leno” show, where he rocked the stage with his Disc-Overy jam, “Till I’m Gone.” He is fresh off his Lollapalooza performance, where he was a hit, as usual. His partner in song, Wiz Khalifia was not with Tinie for his performance on Leno, but he kicked it all by himself.

The $37,500 form Tinie will actually double, as Google co-founder Sergey Brin and his wife, Anne Wojciki, will match any donation until the end of 2012, or up to $50 million dollars. It looks like this foundation got off to a great start with the sale of the shoes.

“Tinie Tempah’s” homepage is full of comments from his fans, as they have just discovered he was the secret buyer who spent a small fortune on the Nike Air Mags, which will have him strutting like the man from the future. 1,500 pairs of the “Marty McFly” shoes are now on eBay being auction offed.

What is Tinie planning to do with his new found Marty McFly creations? Wear them of course; in fact, TMZ said he was wearing the shoes on the plane, after leaving the L.A. auction last night, where he was the highest bidder. He was on his way to South Africa, and he was styling with his new futuristic footwear for sure!

Tinie's rep talked with TMZ and said that he is a "serious shoe collector" and he just had to have the "Back to the Future" sneakers when he saw them. Tinie's new song, "Written in the Stars" has become a hit worldwide.

The 22 year-old rapper got himself an authentic looking pair of shoes, which were created just like the ones the character, Marty McFly wore in "Back to the Future II," right down to the LED panel that works. The shoes need charging after 5 hours with the LED lights on, but maybe Tinie will learn to conserve energy and only turn the panel on at night?

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