Nurse Jackie is the real face of today's drug addict

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“Nurse Jackie” is giving the viewers a window into what the real face of a drug addict looks like in America today.

Jackie is a working mom, a wife, and from all outside appearances, she is every bit as normal as your neighbor next door. This is the face of a typical drug addict in middle America today.

Nurse Jackie is running out of places to get her drugs, and last week she spent $200 on just six pills. When Jackie lined her blue pills up on a desk calendar, to see how long her supply would last her, the viewers learned she took five of these pills a day. Her drug addiction is costly, when her show first started, she could get all she wanted for free because she was sleeping with the pharmacist at the hospital. This is not an option anymore.

Jackie is like many other everyday Americans, who are hooked on prescription drugs. Last week she was seen using her lap top computer to go to the websites that sell these narcotic drugs, mostly from overseas, and ship them to the US. These “pill mills” are a target for the DEA. This is a problem that the DEA has been investigating for years. In 2009 they shut down 4,600 of these sites, according to the website Physicians with Health Advice.

Even thought the DEA is pursuing the illegal online selling of pain killers, many of these sites still exist and more are popping up everyday. These online pharmacies have a doctor call you and ask you some health questions before they fill the prescription and send it out. Most of these online pharmacies operate from overseas where they do not fall under the laws of the US.

For a doctor to prescribe a narcotic pain killer to a patient in the US, they actually have to examine the patient. To accommodate this law, These “doctor clinics” are popping up in store fronts around the country. An email is sent out to all the prior online customers inviting them to the clinic. At the clinic a doctor writes a prescription for a massive amount of pain killers for the patient and they fill the prescription on the premises. These “cash-only” clinics are part of the “pill mill” problem according to the website Tucson Citizen.

Nurse Jackie is demonstrating a very accurate life style for today’s narcotic addicted population. She keeps it hidden well and even when she was caught by her husband, she basically talked her way out of it. She is a great mother and wife, but the addiction was so strong that she even sold herself for pills, this was what she was basically doing with the pharmacist at the hospital, when the show first started.

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Submitted by LG (not verified) on
We all sell ourselves for something. I don't care how you look at it.

Submitted by Joey Joe joe (not verified) on
So what is new ? Ever so often we see that a show tells the truth...a lot of us live in real pain,and if you have,it sucks.I see all morning the car wrecks ,that will change spine?s. Or whatever each day..

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