Obama digging for dirt on Governor Chris Christie just in case

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White House investigates New Jersey Governor Chris Christie trying to dig up some dirt on the man in case he changes his mind and jumps into the 2012 Presidential race.

Governor Chris Christie has said time and time again he is not running for President, but the White House is doing some research on the popular governor just in case. Obama operatives are compiling a dossier which is being called “opposition research.” They are searching for material that could be used to destroy Governor Chris Christie’s chances at a run for the White House if he changes his mind, according to the New York Post this morning.

Dana Perino, former White House Press Secretary, spoke about the investigation on Fox News this morning. She says that the White House is not taking any chances in case Christie does change his mind and steps into the 2012 Presidential race. Christie would present serious competition to Obama if he were to be the Republican candidate for the President next year.

Perino said that Obama’s people can investigate Christie’s background at length, but if there was anything negative to be found, it would have come out during his run for the governor of New Jersey. Christie is flattered that the White House is going to such lengths, according to his spokesperson Mike DuHaime. He also reiterated that Christie has no intention of running for the White House.

"Short of suicide, I don't really know what I'd have to do to convince you people that I'm not running. I'm not running," is how Christie recently put his chances of changing his mind. Still party leaders are pushing Christie to enter the race, they believe that his “brand of New Jersey tough talk” puts him within reach of a win for the White House, according to the New York Post.

Big names Republican leaders have encouraged Christie to get into this race, such as House Speaker John Boehner and Henry Kissinger.

The White House tried to keep this investigation of Christie out of the public view, concerned that if the news of this came out it might actually help Christie’s chances if he were to run.

According to the Post, Obama’s operatives did not dispatch their own people to New Jersey, but instead are talking to people who know Christie both in New Jersey and New York. They are contacting people that have known Christie through his campaign for governor and during his time as U.S. Attorney.

The news that an investigation is underway solely to find information to discredit the Governor of New Jersey, doesn’t fare well for Obama. Trying to build an arsenal of ammunition against Christie denotes a sneaky underhanded political move, especially since Christie has no intentions of joining in on the race. Karl Rove appeared on Fox and Friends this morning and he said he believes that we will see a campaign from Obama this time around that tries to discredit opponents rather than run on issues of what Obama will bring to the U.S. with another term in office. He got the vote last time around with promises, which he did not keep.

If Christie did decide to change his mind, which seems almost impossible after his adamant claims that he won’t, Obama’s investigation could only draw more people over to Christie’s side with their votes. It is apparent that Obama considers Christie a threat, or he would not have started this investigation.

Reference: Fox News Live, New York Post


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Let's see, the "source" for this story is former Republican White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, now a Fox News Commentator. She says that she's heard that the Obama people are digging up dirt on Christie. Which they deny, but say that doesn't mean someone, somewhere isn't digging for paydirt. So Dana runs with the story, and the NY Post prints the story, and then Fox prints the story, and then the blogosphere circulates the story. Gosh, maybe Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum have been preparing files too. Just in case Big Christie thinks he's actually ready for the Big Time.

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People you might want to get over the Obama smooth talk and start paying attention to our economy. One side of me says, let them re-elect Obama, because if they do they will be boiling and eating their cats at the end of his next term. But the other side of me says I would not want to see anyone in that condition. But let me warn you, our all mighty U.S. dollars is on the verge of loosing it's world currency status, and if that happens, which it will if Obama get's re-elected, then you best hold on to your cat. Republicans and Democrats both are spend crazy, they get nothing accomplished because they are to busy butting heads, and to top it off we have a so called leader who does not have a clue as to what he is supposed to be doing. That is a mixture for complete doom. Our country reminds me of a family going out to an expensive restaurant to celebrate getting a new credit card, the out come is known. So keep voting for shine and smooth talk and take no time to educate yourself. If you do I hope you like cat. I am not a highly educated person but I have a head full of common sense and my common sense tells me we are heading straight over a cliff. I have no debt and I own silver and I have a tractor and land and I will make it but I really feel sorry for folks who live on cement because they are going to pay the fiddler if something is not done and done fast. Problem is, it may already be to late because there is just really no way to get over a 14.4 trillion dollar debt and 20 percent unemployment without experiencing true pain. People for your own sake, wake up and smell the roses.

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