Ozzy Osbourne's harsh and raspy voice helps save lost autistic boy

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Ozzy Osbourne wasn’t there, but his song helped save a little lost autistic boy, who loves the classic rock tune, "No More Tears."

When Joshua Robb went missing overnight after running away from school, the police, family, neighbors, along with people from the town could not find him anywhere. He was found the next day after he endured hard cold rain and lightening storms in a rugged ravine overnight, about a mile away from his school. He was in “pretty good shape,” according to Fox News, after surviving the elements in the San Bernardino National Forest. While the lost and found young boy is a heartwarming incident, it is how he was found that's the most amazing part of the story.

Because Joshua is autistic, his parents said he’d be afraid and hide if he saw any of the people searching for him or if he heard any noises. This would make finding the 8 year-old child almost impossible because as soon as he heard someone, he would run the other way and hide. The people searching for this child had to tweak their usual mode of search to accommodate the special needs of Joshua. The father talked the park rangers into playing Joshua’s favorite song, which could draw him out from the place he might be hiding.

So Ozzy Osbourne’s “No More Tears” blared through the park, where they believed that Joshua was hiding. It worked. When the searchers came upon Joshua, he heard the music and came out of hiding. The people searching for the little guy also called him by his nick name as the combed the park. Joshua heard Ozzy’s song, which he loves, and heard someone call him “Buba,” and apparently made him feel safe enough to go to them.

Joshua, who barely talks, thanked the searchers for finding him, which floored his parents. Joshua was taken away from his parents when they lost their home to foreclosure and were packing up to move. In order to do so, they tied the young autistic boy to a post, for his own safety because he runs away. He was taken away from the parents after a real estate agent reported the boy being tied to the post to the authorities.

The young boy is safe and sound, but his parents, who have been living in a campground since losing their home, believe that Joshua ran away looking for them. The parents are upset that Joshua was left unattended for enough time to apparently slip away from the teachers at the school.

While this is a heartwarming story about a lost boy found, it is also just one story out of thousands of what families are going through today in this economy. Another family loses their home to foreclosure and they end up living in a campground. While tying up a child, even for their own safety, is totally wrong, it is not as if the parents don’t love this little boy. They might have been at their wits end with what life had dealt to them.

One last piece to add to this story, Joshua has impeccable taste in music.. go Ozzy!


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The parents are not totally wrong for tying their son up. Eloping (running off, wandering with no idea how to get back) is as common in autistic children (particularly nonverbal children) as colds are in preschool. There are tracking measures and devices set up by counties throughout the nation, but those tracking devices are not preventative. The only other alternative may have been to leave the child in the car, if the weather was okay and if he's an autistic kid that likes to sit in the car. The real estate agent, her name should be plastered all over the news, because she didn't know enough about autism and nor did she ask questions or accept that the family tied the boy up to keep from having to search for him. Social services probably took him away because they were homeless, which was the dumbest thing they could do to an autistic child. These are children who loathe change. If the school and the DHS didn't know that before, they know it know. I hope the Robb family sues them and moves to a mansion in Beverly Hills paid in full.

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