Radiation scare in Japan food chain - testing world wide including US

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The big news coming from Japan is the tainted food supply from high radiation levels found in farm products in the area around the damaged nuclear power plant. The threat of radiation contamination to food supplies is not only prompting testing in Japan, but around the world testing for radiation is going on, including here in the US.

Japanese officials have confirmed that some of their farm products around the area of the nuclear power plant have been contaminated with radiation. Yukio Edano, the Chief Cabinet Secretary is considering limiting shipments of farm products from the affected areas, and reports there is no immediate health risks.

Lam ching-wan, a chemical pathologist at the University of Hong Kong School of Medicine said that Japan should seriously think about restricting any shipments of agricultural products in the area of the nuclear power plants in Japan, according to an article on the Bloomberg website.

Radiation has been discovered in tap water in Tokyo and other areas of Japan that are over 100 miles away from the nuclear power plant, according to Fox News this morning. Milk and spinach are the first two farm products in Japan discovered with high levels of radiation in them today, with the testing continuing around the region of the nuclear plant.

California officials are screening milk from grass eating cows in the state for signs of radiation contamination. Officials continue to stress that there is no health risk from the radiation that drifted into California from Japan’s faltering nuclear power plants.

Food imports from Japan are being screened for possible radiation in South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore. In the US, anything coming from Japan is being screened for radiation today, according to Fox News.

Airline passengers are also being screened for radiation with some small amounts found on passengers landing in two US airports yesterday.

L.A. is seeing a surge in people buying up supplies of food, water purification tablets and iodine pills. Another item that is flying off the shelves at health food stores is kelp. People are buying this believing that its iodine content will help protect the thyroid from radiation exposure.

The threat of radiation exposure frightens many people because it is something that is invisible. Other than using a radiation detecting instrument, there is no way to know where the radiation is going or where it has been. The US imports goods from all over the world, including from Japan, and this just adds to the worries of the public that radioactive products will make its way into the food chain.

The FDA is screening not only the food, but anything that comes from Japan today and is still assuring Americans that there is no public health risk. US officials do not expect any radiation in high levels to come into the United States, whether it be from the air or anything imported into the country for consumers.

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