Russian appeal filed to revoke President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

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President Obama is the first President of the United States to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize while still in office and only the third in history. Today he is being called upon to give the Peace Prize back, after sending military air craft into Libya with bombs.

Russia’s head of the Democratic party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, has appealed to the Nobel Prize Committee to revoke the Nobel Peace Prize that was awarded to President Obama in his first several months as the US President.

At the time Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize, he had done very little as a sitting President. He did however have a train of thought towards peace that was recognized by the Nobel Prize Committee. The recent activities in Libya goes against the theory that President Obama would not enlist in any type of new warfare.

Zhirinovsky states that the reason Obama has sent aircraft into Libya to bomb is to gain control of Libyan oil and Libya’s regime. Zhirinovsky does not believe Obama cares about the Libyan people.

The bombing in Libya has taken the lives of at least 50 civilians and wounded another 150. This very colorful leader of the Russian Democratic party says that “this is another crude invasion into the domestic affairs of an independent state,” according to the Russian Press Service.

Russia’s Prime Minister Valdimir Putin is calling the air strikes on Libya “ a medieval call for crusades.” It is apparent that the top Russian leaders are not in agreement with President Obama’s decision to interfere in the civil war that is occurring with Libya.

According to Forbes, Russian officials have stated that they have no interest in military adventures to punish Gaddafi for waging a civil war against anti-government forces.

Today on Fox News, the report echoed again that President Obama states that this is not about getting Gaddafi out of office, this is about protecting the citizens of Libya. This was after Obama words last week when he said “Gadaffi must go.”

The President is walking a fine line here, according to Fox News. “It is not a war,” yet we are sending US military in to bomb Libya’s military targets. “This is not about getting Gaddafi out of office,” but yet, “He needs to go.” These mixed messages are at best confusing and all seem to be dancing around the word “war.”

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