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Sarah Palin's motorcycle riding publicity stunt backfires

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Sarah Palin's Rolling Thunder Veteran's Group ride yesterday caused friction with some of the veterans who thought that Palin's presence was overshadowing the true meaning behind the event.

Sarah Palin started her bus tour off yesterday by jumping on the back of a bike and riding in the Rolling Thunder Veteran’s Group annual motorcycle run. While she was invited to this run, this did not sit well with all the motorcycle riding veterans.

Palin’s intentions behind this bus tour is not clear, which leaves the media hanging on every word in hopes that the next sentence will be the clue or even the announcement that she plans to become a presidential contender. This media circus around Palin is what caused the friction with some of the veterans participating in the Rolling Thunder motorcycle run.

According to the Atlantic Wire, some of the veteran bikers bickered over who invited Palin to the event. First reports said that the former Alaskan Governor was not invited to participate in the biker run. These reports were later updated to say that she was invited by an Alaskan veterans group.

The reason for the Rolling Thunder Veteran Group’s annual motorcycle run is to raise awareness of POW/MIA soldiers, according to the website TBD Washington. This is not a politically affiliated event and one of the concerns by having Palin at the event is that it would appear that the group endorses her as a candidate, which they do not.

The Rolling Thunder Group found out that Palin was coming through a press release, which again rubbed some of the members the wrong way. She was not invited to make a speech and it was decided before she arrived that she was not to take the stage and make a speech. Palin’s camp did say that she did not intend to speak at the event, days before the motorcycle run. Palin fit right in when she joined the group and at one point she conveyed on how the smell of the exhaust and the sound of the rumbling engines were something that she liked. She jumped on the back of the bike and off she went as detailed in a Huliq article.

Palin’s appearance yesterday may have backfired for the former governor of Alaska. Two distinct views came out of Palin’s ride with the veteran’s yesterday. One saying that it brought extra attention to a great cause and the other saying that her appearance overshadowed the intent of the veteran’s event. With all the news about Palin at this motorcycle event coming from the media this morning, the latter may be more of the actual description.

Taking part in the Rolling Thunder Veteran’s ride to make it look as if the veteran’s are supporting her as a candidate, may have been Palin’s intent all along. Ted Shpak of Rolling Thunder told MSNBC that they don’t endorse any candidate. Shpak said about Palin, “she's not invited to speak [on the stage after the rally]. We're not endorsing her."

Palin, who still does not have a campaign does have a PAC (Political Action Committee) to which you can donate money. Senator McCain spoke with Fox News this morning about his former running mate and he was asked what he thought Palin’s chances were if she did put her hat in the ring for a presidential run. McCain said that “she could win.” He said that Palin is “a major factor” in this political race.

Reference: TBD Washington, Atlanta Wire, MSNBC
Image source of Sarah Palin: Wikipedia


Submitted by Larry Linn (not verified) on
As a disabled veteran, I do not appreciate turning Memorial Day into partisan political campaign photo-ops by any politician, of any party. Memorial Day should focus upon honoring those whom died fighting for our country.

Submitted by Rob (not verified) on
Who said it was a publicity stunt? The liberalmedia. Didn't GW Bush show up at this event in the past? No one said anything about that. C'mon people. What is BO doing today to honor our troops? Ride baby ride.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Rob, are you blinded by skanky sarah's cochi? The President was in Joplin with tornado victims while your skanky princess sarah making noise to get attention stealing veteran's moment.

Submitted by nzpete (not verified) on
It is a free country and I'm a veteran that recently retired from active-duty. Any high profile individual adds to the event and brings notoriety and awareness. Those that are so opposed are the ones with a true political agenda. I hope Sarah continues to attend events that rile the liberals. It is very entertaining to see how someone that liberals claim does not have a prayer of winning the presidency, if she decides to run, scare them to the point of such rabid hatred!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
But,...but....she's a moron. I do fear another dumb bush in the white house.

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