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Star Jones high class retaliation to Celebrity Apprentice pal Nene Leakes

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“The Celebrity Apprentice,” Star Jones’ stopped by the “Wendy Williams” show yesterday and had a few words to say about Nene Leakes calling her names!

Star addressed the drama with Nene Leakes that is unfolding on “Celebrity Apprentice” between these two strong and very opinionated women.

Although Star was there to promote her new book, “Satan’s Sisters” and to raise awareness about heart disease, she did take the opportunity to have her say about Nene Leakes revelations on “Ellen”

Star’s cast mate on “Celebrity Apprentice” appeared on the “Ellen” show last week and she had a few - not so very nice things to say about Star to Ellen DeGeneres. Nene Leakes bashed Star Jones, calling her “manipulative, conniving, and a “disaster” to a bit of a taken back Ellen DeGeneres.

Star has not said a word about Nene Leakes until now, she tells Wendy Williams that “she will not be engaging in a public spat with Nene.” “I am an educated African American woman I am not going to lower myself. Period. Bar none,” said the very serious Star Jones.

Star continued on by saying, “did I ever sleep with her and forget to call her the next day? Because I am starting to feel that way. Have you ever had and experience where someone talks about you again and again and again?”

The only thing that Wendy Williams could get Star to say about Nene Leakes was “she is not lady like.” That was it. What a difference between the two ladies forked tongues!

Star Jones’ new book is called “Satan’s Sisters” and it centers around five women and their tales of backstabbing and deception on their daily talk show. Star did not mention where she got the material for this novel, but all of America can take a guess?

This new book, “Satan’s Sisters” sounds like an interesting read, and chances are it is ready to dish out some behind the scenes dealings about “The View.” Although it is a novel, many of the incidents may just come from real life experiences of Star Jones on “The View.” It will be interesting to see if the ladies of “The View” see themselves in Star Jone’s new novel, “Satan’s Sisters.”

This could open a new can of worms for Star Jones. Barbara Walters and her crew do not take kindly to talking about themselves, they would rather rake over other peoples short comings. Prediction: Star Jones’ “Satan’s Sisters” becomes a best seller.

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