Ticket scalpers lose big on Charlie Sheen Torpedo Tour gamble

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Charlie Sheen’s road show, “Torpedo Tour” has bombed to the extent that it is costing the ticket scalpers big money from all the tickets they grabbed in hopes of turning a profit.

Tickets for Charlie Sheen‘s Torpedo Show, which had the asking price of $250 from the scalpers at Saturday night’s opening, are now going for as little as $8 dollars in other cities where his tour is stopping.

The ticket depreciation has to do with Sheen’s show being called a “flop” in the thousand’s of reviews published by the media and people who were in attendance of the show. His fans in Detroit not only booed him off the stage, but the other entertainers he brought along for the ride were also not well accepted.

Sheen did his best to put on an obnoxious show, even having two of his “goddesses’ make out on stage for the crowd, but people didn’t pay $50 - $150 to see this. Some in the audience demanded their money back.

Although Sheen’s second night in Chicago went a bit better than the night before in Detroit, this “Charlie Sheen Torpedo Tour” is no longer the “must see” tour that it appeared to be before his crazed out antics took to the road.

The Torpedo Tour is due in Connecticut later this month with two shows booked in the state. The top ticket price of $750 dollars that also includes a “Meet and Greet” with Sheen. Chances of a lonely meet and greet look more probable today than it did before Sheen opened on Saturday night.

Detroit sold out in just 18 minutes when the tickets went on sale a few weeks ago, but tickets remain unsold at other cities that the tour is stopping at around the nation. The reviews today will do nothing to move those unsold tickets.

Ticket Scalpers, who were hoping to cash in on the “Charlie Sheen” phenomenon, got hit hard in their wallets this weekend. Normally scalpers have a known entity that they hoard tickets for, such as performers with a history of sell-out shows. Taking a chance with Sheen, who has never done anything but act to a script, was one that did not pay off for them.

Taking a line from Brian Kilmeade on Fox and Friends this morning, “Its hard to feel bad for the scalpers losing all that money.” The scalpers make a living off of selling tickets for multiple times their face value to customers who just have to get into a sold out show. Many of the show’s become sold out due to the scalpers.

The sounds of the booing at Sheen on stage, along with some audience members demanding their money back, is not a good advertisement for the “Torpedo Tour.” The scalpers lose this time around, with tickets no longer being a hot commodity they once believed they would be!

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