American Idol gives one more shot at Season 12 title, reopens online auditions

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If you thought you missed your chance at auditioning for Season 12 of "American Idol," the show has decided to reopen the online auditions for another couple of weeks.

Although the live audition callbacks are well under way and the various other audition methods have been exhausted, "American Idol" producers have decided to reopen the online auditions. It is as yet uncertain why this is (perhaps not enough talent -- or not enough with talent -- weighed in during the first run to fill up an episode?), but the powers that be started accepting online auditions again on October 12.

According to, the online auditions will run until November 4, giving more hopefuls the opportunity to submit a video of themselves to "American Idol" singing a cappella (for the uninitiated, that's without musical accompaniment). The official rules for qualifying and submitting can be found at

As previously stated, it is as yet unclear why the "Idol" producers have reopened the online auditions. The auditions were first held from August 6 to August 20.

But that wasn't the only way to get on "American Idol" for Season 12 via the Internet. "Idol" also started a program called "Nominate an Idol," which is a way supportive family and friends and artists' supporters can get a performer on "Idol." With this audition method, a surrogate was to fill out the application, nominating someone they thought worthy of being a contestant on "American Idol." They would also send in a video of said artist singing solo or a cappella without their knowledge. "Idol" plans on choosing someone -- or possibly several someones -- from this audition method and surprising them with the news.

Of course, there was also the traditional method of getting on "Idol" for Season 12. The show held auditions in seven major cities to discover new talent for the upcoming year.

"Idol" also tried another method. Whereas some might not have been able to make it to the large city audition tryouts, the show for the first time embarked on a "Small Town Audition Bus Tour," which travelled to ten small towns throughout the U. S.

One might wonder why they're still holding auditions, having already held so many. Still, given the format of auditioning online, it may have simply come down to not enough meeting eligibility requirements, not enough auditioning, or -- as sad as it might sound -- not enough being talented enough to be chosen to appear. Depending upon what the producers are wanting to do with the online tryouts (such as an entire show dedicated to the online performers, much like "America's Got Talent" does with its online auditions), they may have fell short of a preset goal.

Regardless, hopefuls who thought it was all over for trying out for Season 12 can take heart. Again, the online auditions will run from October 12 through November 4, so if you're hoping, you just might want to get that video recorded and sent in.

"American Idol" returns to the air on Fox Television in January.

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