American Idol Season 11 Power Rankings: The Top 10

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"American Idol" Season 11 has gotten off to a strange start, what with a contestant being called back (very "X Factor") and then having same booted from the show for having an undisclosed criminal record. But now the Top 10, those that will make the concert tour have been chosen. So how do they rank?

Power rankings are based on one or two things usually -- polls or the writer's opinion. They are generally accompanied by some witty wordplay in a countdown format. Some are really well thought out, some are not. And there is also one other thing -- there is usually general agreement on who places in the top two or three positions.

This year, the "American Idol" Season 11 power rankings seem to favor Phillip Phillips. Trendposter said it best when placing the Georgia boy at the top of their list: "He's a cute young white guy with a guitar. Until American Idol viewers prove they are capable of crowning someone else, he has to be the favorite."

Trendposter finds DeAndre Brackensick holding down the No. 10 spot on their poll and Heejun Han at No. 9.

TV Line's weekly poll flipped the last two guys in their line-up. But they had Phillip Phillips at the top as well (but they noted he had been No. 3. Jessica Sanchez, who wowed everyone with her Top 12 performance of "I Will Always Love You," dropped to the fourth spot.

Stinger James at Foxes On Idol, though, gave Sanchez a pass on the sub-par performance last week. She remained at No. 1 on his power rankings list. Phillips stayed at No. 2. James finds Elise Testone the most likely to go home, with Heejun Han ranking at level 9.

Lastly, Starpulse's Andrew Payne puts Erika Van Pelt in the bottom spot, placing DeAndre Brackensick just ahead of her at No. 9. He, too, has Phillips holding the top spot, but has Colton Dixon, the guy judge Jennifer Lopez says is "pretty" win he sings, at No. 2.

There is something about Payne's list that stands out: His placement of three guys in the top three. And he most likely is on to something. His top six finalists, if things run to form without any real shocker results shows, look to be spot on. His Top 10 power rankings list follows.

10. Erika Van Pelt
9. DeAndre Brackensick
8. Elise Testone
7. Heejun Han
6. Jessica Sanchez
5. Hollie Cavanaugh
4. Skylar Laine
3. Joshua Ledet
2. Colton Dixon
1. Phillip Phillips

But will it turn out to be another year of guy-dominated "Idol?" It's possible. The "White Guy With Guitar" thing has become a formula for the "American Idol" voter since David Cook took the title four seasons ago.

This week, the Top 10 will perform songs from the Billy Joel songbook. This might be a tough one for the girls but one never knows, of course. But as seems to be a common theme in blogs and critiques all across the web, win or lose, Phillip Phillips has become the guy to watch each week as people tune in to see his creative take on his song choice.

Power rankings and lists aside, Bovada, the professional sports line website, is still banking on Jessica Sanchez, even though she seemed to stumble last week with her birth year song. They have her at 9/4 odds to win it all, with Phillip Phillips a close second at 3/1 odds. Erika Van Pelt is their long shot -- 50/1 odds.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Phillip Phillips is a musician in his soul and down to those rocking toes, would buy his records and go to his concerts. Love that he doesn't want or need a makeover, and we replayed him over and over last night during the top 10 performances. Hate Elise, bet she was the lowest vote-getter when they sent Jeremy home, even though he wasn't great. She has as bad an attitude as Haley last year, and seems to think she is something special. Did not appreciate the emotional blackmail effort of showing us her cute students - I will vote for the long-haired one on the left before I would vote for Elise. Lots of pitch problems last night, somehow most of them didn't learn the songs well enough to perform them. And did someone beat Deandre and Joshua before they went into their mentoring sessions? Why so low, guys?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Haha oh stupidity of others

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