An American original: Oscar Mayer introduces the first bacon hot dog: The Bacon Dog

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And you thought all the great bacon ideas had been exhausted with Baconnaise (that bacon-and-mayonnaise mix sold in a jar) and bacon ice cream, didn't you? Well, Oscar Mayer has now doubled up on the pork inside their hot dogs and added bacon for a new product they call, appropriately enough, the Bacon Dog.

Oscar Mayer announced earlier in the week that the company was going to give bacon lovers and hot dog enthusiasts something to be excited about. In a press release on May 13 (via Yahoo Finance), Jared Baker, director of Oscar Mayer hot dogs, said that now was the obvious time to introduce a product that incorporated two things America loves -- a bacon-based hot dog, the Bacon Dog.

"No one knows bacon like Oscar Mayer," Baker said. "We know Americans love bacon, and we know they love hot dogs, so it seemed like the perfect time for us to introduce our first hot dog made with bacon."

Of course, we all should have seen this coming, especially with all the fast food burger pushers adding bacon to their menus in various sandwich and sides constructions, from Wendy's' massive Baconator to the Bacon Cheddar Fries sold at Hardee's. But who would have thought to put pork in a product already made with pork?

Well, the people at Oscar Mayer, that's who. And as Baker noted, the meat company knows bacon. So why not give the people what they want?

Still, doubling up on bacon isn't a first. Hardee's did that with their Bacon Bacon Biscuit. But a biscuit isn't a hot dog. And this hot dog, the Bacon Dog, is made with hardwood-smoked, authentic Oscar Mayer bacon.

(Hot dog enthusiasts already know that there's been a bacon and hot dog combo created, just not mass marketed. Actually, there are many bacon and hot dog constructs. But one is called the Buffalo Hot Dog and consists of the dog being wrapped in Applewood smoked bacon and topped with "buffalo" mayonnaise and bleu cheese crumbles. This is a derivative of the traditional Buffalo Hot Dog, which is served with mayonnaise made with Frank's Hot Sauce and topped with chopped celery and bleu cheese -- hold the bacon. But that's using bacon as an additive to the dog, whereas Oscar Mayer's Bacon Dog has the bacon in the dog itself.)

Oscar Mayer's introduction of the first ever bacon-based hot dog wasn't the only thing the company trotted out in the press release. The Bacon Dog will join another hot dog designed for the backyard grill, the new Chicken Breast Hot Dog, which contains no artificial preservatives, color, flavors, gluten, or hormone additives.

The company also announced that they were bringing back an old but popular item, the Smokies Smoked Sausages. They have also rebranded two of their healthier hot dog products, the 98% Fat Free Wieners and Light Beef Franks as Extra Lean Franks and Lean Beef Franks, respectively.

The five items will hit store shelves nationwide beginning in June.

We live in a country that, for some odd reason, exists in a schaudenfreude state, railing against the epidemic of obesity prevalent within the populace but at the same time embracing wholeheartedly something as fattening as bacon as the "next big thing" in food. And with medical science literature illuminating the drawbacks of eating bacon warring with reports that eating bacon can actually be part of a healthy diet, not to mention that story of the 105-year-old woman who claims her longevity is based on the daily consumption of bacon, what's a person who wants to remain healthy but loves the taste of bacon to do?

Go with your gut and go get a few packages of the new Bacon Dogs. Right?

(photo credit: Kraft Foods promotional, Fair Use)

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