Another American Idol Top 7 Shocker As Frontrunner Eliminated

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Not many could have said they saw Jessica Sanchez' elimination coming last week on "American Idol." And although it would have been easy to predict her not making the Bottom Three for the Top 7 reboot, the finalist eliminated was another frontrunner nobody expected to be in the Bottom Three.

Of all the finalists on "American Idol," there were a couple that everyone simply new were safe from elimination -- at least up until the Top 4 or Top 3, maybe even the finale. Those two contestants were Colton Dixon and Phillip Phillips. And the operative term in the previous sentences -- as anyone who watched the Top 7 reboot results show knows -- is "were," because although Phillips remained safe for another week, Dixon did not. And for the second straight week on "Idol," a frontrunner in the competition was eliminated. Unfortunately, the judges Save had been used during the Top 7 results show last week and Thursday evening's Bottom Three-landing frontrunner was kicked off the show.

Strangely enough, oddsmakers at had just made Dixon the finalist most likely to win the contest with 8/5 odds.

Dixon had also taken first place on a couple of power rankings lists as well.

Mentor Jimmy Iovine had dropped hints in previous shows that he felt a Dixon-Phillips finale in the making.

And yet, with the Sanchez' Save last week and every contestant vulnerable this week, with 53 million votes cast, and with two of the Bottom Three slots filled with regulars Hollie Cavanagh and Elise Testone, Dixon, while standing beside of the certain-to-be-kicked-off-and-doomed-for-the-past-couple-weeks Cavanagh, was told he had been eliminated.

Given his performances on Wednesday evening, where he rendered a weak Lady Gaga number ("Bad Romance") and an well-done but almost completely unrecognizable Earth, Wind, and Fire tune ("September"), he told host Ryan Seacrest he could understand how he ended up with the least number of votes.

Truthfully, so could anyone who watched the show. But that usually isn't how it's done on "American Idol." The voters usually aren't that quick to respond to a sub-par performance from someone they've been supporting. And given his progress to date on "American Idol" and the fact he had never once been voted into the Bottom Three, it was a bit of a shock to see him receive the least number of votes.

But there it was. The Top 7 became the Top 6. Colton Dixon, one of the contestants who was looked at as a "sure thing" for a place in the finale, wasn't a "sure thing" at all.

Which leaves only Phillip Phillips being the only finalist in the competition that has never been in the Bottom Three. Does that make him unstoppable?

Or did the second Top 7 results show just how vulnerable all the contestants have become five eliminations away from the finale?

(photo credit: Angela George, Creative Commons)

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