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Bacon Doritos? They're out there and you can get them

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Are you in the market for a bacon-flavored tortilla chip? Of course you are. And Doritos has them. But to get them, you have to go online. Or hop a flight to Japan. But they can be had. Oh yes they can.

More evidence that the bacon madness that has gripped the planet – at least the United States -- continues… As if all the Doritos Locos Tacos wasn’t enough to keep everyone occupied for a few seconds, it would appear that the elusive bacon-flavored tortilla chip – you know, the chip you need to scoop up your bacon-flavored ice cream with? -- exists after all. It was recently sighted in Japan.

It is a Doritos product, of course.

A Reddit user spotted the Bacon Doritos tortilla chips and posted a photo of a bag of same online. (So, unlike Sasquatch, there is digital, unphotoshopped evidence that the chips exists.) It is unknown if they’re simply test-marketing the bacon tortilla chips in the Land of the Rising Sun or if will be a permanent commodity there. Nor is it known whether or not Doritos will allow the product to emigrate.

(Cross your fingers, bacon fanatics…)

At present, a crispy, twisty version of Bacon Doritos can be found at the Napa Japan website. However, they are currently unavailable for purchase.

Still, with all the bacon-mania going on, one would think that bacon-flavored Doritos would have been available long before now. And one would be correct.

Bacon Doritos, at least a peppered version (appropriately named Pepper Bacon Doritos) of the chips, was made available back in 2009 in Japan. Given the Japanese predisposition to trying new things (check out the now famous black hot dog), it stands to reason that the new Doritos would be test-marketed in Japan. Napa Japan notes that Doritos offers at least ten new flavors every year.

The question is: Why hasn’t Doritos dropped Bacon Doritos in the U. S. They know there’s a bacon craze going on… Right?

Still, rest assured, some version of a bacon-flavored Doritos chip will soon hit the market in the United States. The surprising thing is that, with all the hoopla and sales of the Nacho-flavored Doritos Locos Tacos and the subsequent Cool Ranch version, the third incarnation of the runaway fast food item isn’t a bacon-flavored one. (Instead, it will be the Fiery Locos Tacos, a shell that is supposed to bring some heat along with its usual Doritos flavor.)

But who doesn’t think a peppered bacon taco shell wouldn’t be a great idea? So there, Taco Bell (and Frito Lay). The task has been set. Get to marketing those bacon-flavored Doritos here in the U. S. And then get us some Pepper Bacon Locos Tacos, mi amigos.

(photo credit: i.imgur, Frito Lay, promotional use)