Beer made from beard hair? Seriously?

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Some things just sound too disgusting even as an out-of-the-box, crazy idea for a new product, but a beer made from a beard? Still, it truly is an actual product from Rogue Ales of Newport, Ore., something you can purchase. And, no, it's not something being hawked by those lunatic duck-call millionaires on AETV's "Duck Dynasty," either.

I mean, really, people gag just at the thought of a foreign hair in their food. Now they're making beer with it?

Succinctly: Yes. It's an honest-to-god beer made from beard hair. Well, technically not the hair itself, but from what some might consider even more revolting than the beard hair itself. It is made from the yeast that can grow in beard hair, according to That's Nerdalicious. And to take this strangeness just a bit further, the yeast doesn't come from just any beard off the street -- you know, like a homeless person's. No, the beard yeast comes from the beard of Rogue Ales' brewmaster and owner John Maier. (That's better than getting it from a homeless person -- right?)

And Maier admits he hasn't a cut his beard since 1978...

What is called the Old Growth Beard has been growing since 1983...

The yeast? Who knows how long that's been growing.

Maier told KPTV back in September, "Yeast is everywhere," in an attempt to assuage doubts about drinking the beer and forestall any talk about it being gross. Back then, the beer was in its testing phase and was going to be called "New Crustacean," according to Huffington Post. However, when all was said and done, Rogue Ales went with the direct approach and named the beer The Beard Beer.

The idea to brew a beer from the beard yeast began as a joke. According to a company post, Rogue Ales was looking for a unique wild yeast to produce new beers. When three separate specimens were collected from the company's hopyard and all turned out to be incapable of producing brewable beer yeast. So, as a joke to show their desperation, a sample of Maier's beard hair was sent to the testing facilities at White Labs. Surprisingly, a yeast was found growing in Maier's beard that was compatible with brewing.

Long story short, The Beard Beer is now available for the buying online.

So, no, you're not going to find a hair in the beer. For some, that just might be enough to give it a try. Still, for most, it is something that might require a some mental calisthenics to jump around. It might take a few beers to get there. And while one contemplates whether or not to order The Beard Beer, Rogue Ales has an entire list of beers and spirits to perhaps persuade the adventurous palate into trying something with a little head on it -- or, rather, something with a growth from a head in it.

(photo credit: Rogue Ales, promotional use)