Bristol Palin's Book: Hopefully Not Afraid Of Failure

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She should hope that the book is a sleeper or gets picked up by all those conservative magazines that offer it as a subscription gift (just like her mother's books). Otherwise, sales figures indicate that Bristol Palin's "Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far" is doomed to be a sales failure.

Bristol Palin's ramp-up to the release of her book Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far made national headlines. And when the book dropped, it made headlines for its brutal depiction of the oldest Palin daughter's ex-fiance Levi Johnston and its digs at Sen. John McCain's daughter, Meghan. Now the book is making headlines for another reason -- failure to sell.

Keith Olbermann is back on television, having revamped his role as "Countdown" host on Current TV. In his popular segment, "Worst Persons in the World," Bristol Palin was singled out on June 29 as just a "Worse" person (as opposed to "Worser" and "Worst") for her memoirs of lost virginity and petty sniping. Olbermann revealed that even if her mother announced that she would "mud wrestle Michele Bachmann," a dig at a line used by Bachmann at a rally in South Carolina this past week to describe what the press would like to see occur between the two Republicans, the spectacle would probably do nothing to aid her book sales, which, according to the "Countdown" host, publishing sources reported as selling exactly 1,479 copies. The audiobook sold 18 copies.

As Olbermann pointed out, first week sales usually denote the zenith of a book's success. Less than 1,500 copies is not a good sign that the book will be much of a success. Being ranked #1579 (July 4) on is not a good sign, either.

Perhaps people are waiting for the movie...

Almost as if Sarah Palin heard Olbermann's words as a challenge, she appeared at a book signing at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, with daughter Bristol the next day, June 30. Although officials at the Mall noted that there were 700 books signed (in a pre-announcement, it was stated that Sarah Palin would not give out autographs unless someone was buying her daughter's book), the preparations for the Palin family visit (Todd and baby Tripp were in attendance as well) were seen as excessive considering the sparse turnout. The event ended a half hour early as well.

(Where were all those conservative Tea Party groupies that supposedly kept Bristol on "Dancing With The Stars"?)

And it still ended better than the last time Palin was in town and hanging out with Michele Bachmann. She was nearly pelted with tomatoes...

No comment as yet on the mud wrestling...

Part of Bristol Palin's problem with book sales may be that much of her life has already been part of the tabloid landscape and that many do not believe her memoir -- written at the wise-old-age of 20 -- will add that much to what has already been revealed. Pregnant at 17. Daughter of Sarah Palin. That whole campaign-with-Levi-they're-going-to-get-married-to-appease-the-Family-Values-voters charade. Custodial issues with Levi, the guy who "stole" her virginity (her recollections of the event read more like date rape than a drunken sexual encounter). Personality clashes with Meghan McCain. Except for the graphic details of her first sexual encounter, there was little new material.

(Wait -- there will be a movie, right? ... Right?)

Perhaps one could blame the poor sales of the book on the economy. Or blame it on opportunity cost. Or a little of both. If people buy Bristol Palin's memoir Not Afraid Of Life, they might not be able to buy Levi Johnston's tell-all Deer In The Headlights: My Life In Sarah Palin's Crosshairs.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
It would be a surprise if anyone bought this book. I did however expect more from those who helped her on DWTS - maybe all those votes were multiples by a handful of people - they wouldn't buy multiple copies of a book. Look for them to be given away with $5 or more contributed to SarahPAC. Wonder how many were in the first run of printing...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
There weren't any followers voting for her in Dancing with the Stars, Momma Grizzly hired a Republican pollster to auto-dial the votes!

Submitted by sodakhic (not verified) on
Bristol's book is doing as well as the most powerful democrat woman of the century, Nancy Pelosi's book, I think it sold a total of close to 5,000 over a period of months. Now we can give kudos to the 3,000,000 Going Rogue and the 1,000,000 America by Heart by the electrifying Mrs. Palin. After Bristol crushes Sherif Dupnik for county sheriff in 2025, her book will take off.

Submitted by palinssuck (not verified) on
palins book sold so many bc of her PAC they have them stored in a warehouse u will see them being sold at the dollar soon enough

Submitted by CMarks (not verified) on
Actually the numbers you quote are for the copies printed - not copies sold. Please note that second book reduced the printing by 2/3. And, if you're interested in a copy of either book you need look no further than the markdown (remainder) table at any book store, discount liquidator, dollar store, or mass market overstock seller - piles and piles and piles of both titles are available for about a dollar. Still a good seller in a flat market but more are being offered as overstocks than were sold at cover price or as new.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Whoever made the decision to be the publisher of this book ought to lose his job. Bristol's accomplishments thus far are getting pregnant while in high school and having a baby out of wedlock. She has done nothing but hang onto her mother's coat tails for dear life, praying that she will stay on the gravy train and continue to get a lot of public attention and money. She only thinks of herself--and thinks that you look powerful if you carry grudges and use the book to slam people like Levi, the McCains, etc. Sad thing is that this only makes her look jealous and bitter. Bristol needs to learn that when you die, you are not measured by the amount of money that you have or how many times you were in the news.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Bristol brags about how religious she is. Must be a new brand of religion--she sounds like a twelve year old who is willing to say anything if it means that she gets attention or money. She is burning a lot of bridges: she ought to know that it is foolish to criticize the father of your child. Being a parent is not a popularity contest and the game of alienation of affection is cruel. Her comments about Levi and also Meghan McCain make her look bitter and full of hatred. Bristol has become a joke and certainly is not a role model. How long will Candies want to keep paying her such a high salary to make them look like fools?

Submitted by palintwit (not verified) on
Sarah Palin is stinking, filthy, maggot infested trailer trash.

Submitted by cindy c (not verified) on
I guess the public didn't get your memo not to buy this book. Check out this week's NY Times Bestseller list:


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