Daughtry Video: This Really Could Be The 'Start of Something Good'

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The frontman of Daughtry goes solo on the latest video for the band, but that's not what it's all about -- and the song could become so much more.

Daughtry just got back from Europe after doing a few shows on the continent with Nickelback and it looks like they have another big hit coming their way. So what better way to maximize on what looks like a good run? Why, make and release a video, of course. Daughtry did just that this week, premiering the video for "Start of Something Good" on "Extra" on Thursday, then releasing it on VEVO and YouTube the very next day.

"Start of Something Good" is Daughtry's third single release from Break The Spell, the band's third album. It was released on September 4 and has already jumped into the Top 40 on the Billboard Adult Pop Songs chart (Adult Top 40). According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Adult Top 40 has been pretty good to the "American Idol" rocker and his band. "Start of Something Good" is the eleventh song Daughtry has placed on the chart and the twelfth entry by frontman Chris Daughtry, whose rendition of Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead of Alive," which he performed as a finalist on "American Idol," peaked at No. 34 in 2006. Four of the Daughtry songs have made it to No. 1 for a combined 24 weeks at the top spot. Four more songs made the Top 5. "Crawling Back To You," the second single from Break The Spell, peaked at No. 6.

The video itself (which can be seen HERE) was shot in Daughtry's home state of North Carolina. Chris Daughtry told "Extra," who interviewed him on the set while he was shooting the video, that the song was about when he met his wife. "It was one of those times where you're starting to believe it's the start of something good," he explained, "and 12 years later, it proved to be right."

He added that in the video he's more of an observer telling the story, playing the theme song for the two lovers in the clip.

But Chris Daughtry is sans band in the video. He admitted that was by design. Smiling, he said that having a bunch of guys on blankets during a picnic "would have just been weird."

The 32-year-old rocker also hopes the single will be the start of something good for the album, Break The Spell. He didn't explain the comment, but it most likely alludes to the disappointing sales of the latest release, which was certified gold but has seen its sales fall off. The album debuted and peaked at No. 8 and has yet to break the 500,000 sales plateau, although it is close (469,000 copies to date). Break The Spell has sold just over one-third as many copies as its predecessor, Leave This Town, which was a No. 1 album for the band. Daughtry's first album, which was self-titled and also reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200, is the third bestselling album in "American Idol" alum history (behind Carrie Underwood's Some Hearts and Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway), having sold nearly 4.9 million copies.

Chris Daughtry is the third most successful "Idol" alum in the show's history and one of its few rocker graduates. He finished a still-talked-about shocking fourth during the Season 5 competition. But the talent was there, not to mention the vocals, and it wasn't long before he dropped his first album and watching his songs climb to the tops of various charts. In fact, his first two singles, "Home" and "It's Not Over," reached the No. 1 position and remained there for a combined 19 weeks.

Daughtry has amassed 38 No. 1 chart-toppers, third best among the "Idol" alums (again, trailing only Clarkson and Underwood, according to AmericanIdol.com). And although everyone, including the man himself, was shocked when his name was called as the finalist leaving that night in 2006, the success he's enjoyed during his career has been no surprise. To put it all in perspective, of all the finalists from Season 5, Daughtry has amassed more No. 1s than all the other finalists combined. The winner, Taylor Hicks has four, as does Kellie Pickler and Elliott Yamin. Bucky Covington has scored two, and Paris Bennett has had a chart-topper. The artist closest to Daughtry is contemporary gospel singer Mandisa, who has had 15 chart toppers in her career.

As for "Start of Something Good," the singer has been married to the romantic interest of the story for 11 years. The couple have four children.

"American Idol" returns for its twelfth season in January.

(photo credit: Tom Caswell, Creative Commons)


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Explain again how something that hasn't sold the numbers could be certified gold? Really...I think his problem is his sound has grown stale. No originality...sounds like D's quickly becoming as washed-up as the Nickelback sound he imitates.

Submitted by Lillymar (not verified) on
More of the same stuff it sounds like. He had a lot of #1s but hes living on past history. He just doesn't have much diversity but good luck to him.

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