Duck Dynasty contest: How To Become An Honorary Redneck Millionaire

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The Robertsons are using Twitter to screen for an honorary duck-hunting redneck Louisiana millionaire -- or, put another way: Want to become an honorary member of the stars of "Duck Dynasty," the Robertson family?

Want to join the redneck millionaire club of "Duck Dynasty?" Become a member of the Robertson family of Monroe, Louisiana? Hang around with Willie and Jase, Phil and Si, Mrs. Kay and Korie? Eat some frog legs and whole squirrel stew? Maybe even learn how to make a duck call? Get a family photo that will include you (because who is going to believe your unbelievably good fortune of getting to travel to Louisiana otherwise?)?

Well, now you have a chance to do all these things. The AETV hit show "Duck Dynasty" is holding a contest where some lucky fan that aspires to be at least a duck-shooting redneck for a day to join the Robertson clan. That is, they get to become a member of the family, with Willie and Phil and the gang welcoming them in for a few hours, or just long enough to make sure your beard worship is genuine. But to join the family, you'll have to compete with other honorary redneck millionaire wannabes.

So just how does one get to sit at the dinner table with this ZZ Top-looking bunch of bayou duck-shooters? Actually, it's pretty simple. Just head on over to the "Join The Dynasty" page on the A&E website and follow the three-step directions. Or, better yet, just go over to Twitter and follow @DuckDynastyAE. Include #JoinTheDynasty in your tweet about why you should be allowed to join the Robertson family. Creativity and links to photos and videos are "encouraged." And quicker than you can say "Duck Commander," you're done.

(This could be considered cheating -- they said to be creative -- and is only a suggestion, but on the "Duck Dynasty" Facebook site, there's an "Beard Yourself" app where you can upload a photo of yourself and become bearded. For those thinking that a five-o'clock shadow just won't cut it for hanging out with the beards, this might be your way in. And for females not sporting any facial hair, no worries. The app is gender neutral and can apply a beard to any face.)

What about the other two steps? Well, Step 2 involves the applicant simply forwarding his or her application to their own followers and retweeting (they're calling it a goad to making your friends jealous, which they just might become, but it's actually a quick and easy form of advertising that combines buzz and viral marketing -- and it's a lot faster than reading a book). Step 3 simply requires the applicant to check back from time to time. Some of the applicants will get their Twitter posts hung in the Robertson Family Gallery as an incentive.

It not only seems to take a few odd ducks to give the go-ahead to and to produce a show like "Duck Dynasty," but it seems to be a birds-of-a-feather kind of thing and has spread to promotion and advertising. And to show just how crazy they are, the Robertsons have gone along with the scheme that will allow a complete stranger into their midst via a Twitter post and some photos or a video (which, remember, are encouraged -- and will probably be used as a culling tool, because you just get the feeling there will be someone going through the applications mumbling, "Beardless? Application denied."). And shows do it all the time, holding contests where some lucky winner gets to have dinner or hang out at the set of a particular show (sometimes even getting a bit part in the show). And why worry when they've got all those guns?

Fans of "Ducky Dynasty" will undoubtedly get a feeling that good ole Uncle Si had a hand in creating this contest. He might not have, but it does seem to be something he would devise. Who else would come up with the idea of extending a family of duck hunters -- honorarily -- through a series of tweets? At least it continued the bird theme. Close enough.

"Duck Dynasty" begins its second season on AETV on Wednesday, October 10, at 10:00 p.m. (EST).

(photo credit: A&E Television, Wikimedia Commons)

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