Duck Dynasty: Only One Camouflage-Painted Limousine Allowed

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What do you get when you take a NASCAR driver with a camouflage-painted limousine and redneck millionaire that wants to copy your style?

It is sometimes easy to see what the perks of being a millionaire might be (besides all that money). On "Duck Dynasty," in the episode "Drag Me To Glory," part of those perks include meeting and hobnobbing with some famous people. And if you're a redneck, the most famous people you want to hobnob with usually drive fast cars for a living. So enter Clint Bowyer, NASCAR driver.

Willie Robertson, CEO of Duck Commander and one of the many stars of "Duck Dynasty," makes the mistake of letting the guys in the warehouse know that Bowyer's coming for a visit. (Bowyer's there to inspect a dirt track and Willie is wanting to advertise Duck Commander on Bowyer's NASCAR car.) He just wanted them to make a fancy duck call for his friend, but the guys want to meet and talk with Bowyer. Si says he's never heard of Bowyer. So they're all outside when Bowyer speeds into the Duck Commander parking lot in the "redneck dream car" -- in a long, camouflaged limousine. And what Willie wanted to be a one-to-one lunch with Bowyer turns into Bowyer and the entire crew hanging out together.

(An aside: We find out that Uncle Si is a big fan of the song "My Humps" by the Black Eyed Peas. His rendition of the hit song is quite the spectacle. When Jase asks why he even listens to that kind of music, he says he listens to "all kinds" to keep in on the "up-and-up." In confessional, he lists the bands he likes that make him think of food -- Meat Loaf, The Cranberries, Korn, Salt-n-Pepa, Ice-T. He tells Jase music is "brain food." Jase drops some wisdom in confessional as well: "If music is brain food, then it should be painfully obvious that whatever Si is listening to is not music. A few critics would certainly agree when it comes to the Black Eyed Peas...)

The second story of the episode (there's always at least two) involves Miss Kay, Phil, and Si (a bonus: A Si two-fer). The brothers are trying to put together an old grill. They're looking to cooking up some barbecue. After a bit of pushing and pulling and banging around, the grill looks a bit worse for wear, so Miss Kay tells them to go trade it in for a new one, because she's got the warranty. (This doesn't set too well with Phil and Si; they're fixer-upppers. Phil bemoans that its the state of disposable America. Si admits that they fix things when they break -- and most times, they're the ones that broke the things in the first place.) So the guys load the "piece of junk" into the back of a truck with Si taking a loose strap from somewhere within the truck bed and looping it over a piece of the grill.

Back with Clint and the Duck Commander crew, after lunch -- where Willie discovers he'll be doing any advertising on a NASCAR anytime soon, what with the going rate at half a million dollars per race -- they all go out to the track the driver is looking at developing. Willie left the group for a while but then suddenly shows up with a second camo-limo. The NASCAR driver immediately takes exception to there being two camo-limos (and, truthfully, he's quite correct; one atrociously appointed camouflage-painted redneck luxury vehicle is quite enough). Willie says he's not taking the car back. So what are two friends to do to settle the dispute? They race for it, of course.

In the limos...

The stakes? If Clint wins, he gets to have the sole camo limo. If Willie wins, Clint will let him have a Duck Commander sponsorship on the hood of his car in a NASCAR race. Clint leaves Willie behind. Not too far, but far enough. A man of his word, Willie agrees to take the limo back, leaving Clint with the only camo redneck limo in West Monroe, Louisiana.

Meanwhile, when Phil and Si get to the store, they realize the grill has somehow escaped its bonds and jumped from the truck. Si assured Phil he tied it down (but viewers saw the less-than-efficient way Si managed the job) with a double Windsor (a knot used on neckties). The two cannot believe they didn't hear the big pile of metal fall from the truck. Si said they'd be lucky to find it and spun a yarn about having a tire stole off of a moving vehicle he was driving while in Vietnam. Phil admits Si can tell a story, but he didn't seem to be all that good at tying knots.

Still, a little backtracking and they find the grill by the roadside, not much more worse for wear than it was when they first loaded it into the truck. Si notes that they're lucky a redneck hadn't come along or they would have never seen it again.

Later, when Miss Kay comes out to inspect the grilling, she notices that the grill is the same old grill the guys were supposed to trade in. She says as much, but is simply happy to see a working grill. Phil chalks it up to "redneck ingenuity." Si says they fixed something that was two steps away from being a computer...

Willie gets the last laugh on the advertising deal, placing a Duck Commander sticker on the front bumper of Clint Bowyer's camouflaged limousine.

Take Home Message: It's all about friends and family and enjoying time spent with them. In fact, this is a common theme on "Duck Dynasty" and most likely accounts for its ratings-winning popularity. As Willie tells viewers, sometimes it isn't necessarily getting new things (a grill) or the things we want (a sponsorship) that is important. As long as we enjoy the ride and everything turns out well in the end is what matters. And being able to enjoy it all with friends and family.

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