Has 'Vote For The Worst' Lost Its Edge Picking American Idol Losers?

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"Vote For The Worst" is known for its acidic humor and devastating critiques of "American Idol" and other shows and famous for taking credit for keeping alive the "Idol" dreams of such marginal talent as Sanjaya Malakar and Tim Urban. But Season 11 seems to have thrown their "worst" detectors off a bit.

The love-to-hate website "Vote For The Worst" (VFTW) chose its third "American Idol" "worst" finalist for Season 11 shortly after Heejun Han was eliminated from the show. Noting that serious Heejun was so boring that even VFTW fans wouldn't vote for him, there was no time to waste waiting for the Top 8 performance round to pick his "worst" successor, DeAndre Brackensick.

What took them so long?

Although the Shannon Magrane -- "Migraine" was VFTW's first Top 13 choice -- pick was a no-brainer, they decided to stick with her on the Top 11 performance round, even though Brackensick's "Endless Love" was by far the worst performance of the night. She was eliminated on the next night's results show.

A Brackensick plug would have saved VFTW having to choose again. Now that he's in the Top 8 and he's been the obvious worst performer each week -- except for the Top 13 round, where he did a passable version of Stevie Wonder's "Master Blaster (Jammin')" -- one has to wonder if the website that kept the decidedly awful Sanjaya Malakar and terminally bland Tim Urban in the "American Idol" competition all the way to seventh place in each of their respective seasons is losing its touch at picking the actual "worst" performer.

(Not that it really matters. The website is a fun read (if somewhat mean-spirited), no matter who they choose as their "worst.")

After Magrane it was on to Heejun Han, probably an obvious choice for VFTW after his oddball Top 10 performance of Billy Joel's "My Life" and the even stranger reaction by the "American Idol" judges and mentor Jimmy Iovine (they were obviously confused and disliked the performance; Iovine said it was "disrespectful"). But, again, Brackensick delivered a horridly bouncy karaoke rendition of "Only The Good Die Young" -- easily the worst performance of the night.

Although Brackensick seemed to do a little better vocally last week with Eric Benet's "Sometimes I Cry," his performance lacked credibility. Just like his other performances. Perhaps it is his age (17). Perhaps it is his puppy dog facial expressions (expectant brows up constantly) and his vain hair-flipping. And although the Top 9 performance round may have been the best overall round ever performed by an "American Idol" season's ensemble, Heejun Han's "boring" performance was still far more believable than Brackensick's.

And yet, Han was voted off the show.

Cornered now, VFTW was left the obvious choice of Brackensick -- made evident by the fact that "Vote For The Worst" didn't even wait to hear him sing his song choice for "Songs from the 1980s," which was DeBarge's "I Like It."

But when they did, there was an immediate sense the teen was in danger of elimination. So the appeal went out to all who abide by the idea that "Idol" is nothing more than a stylish molder of pop opinion and crusher of dreams (except for a couple who end up with recording contracts) to vote for the falsetto with hair and save him from getting the boot.

"Next week is probably a current theme and "Whip My Hair" by Willow Smith is on the cleared song list," the funnystone posted. "Whip My Hair + DeAndre = Perfection. Please help him get there."

So is VFTW losing its edge? Perhaps in the overall choice department. (One could argue that VFTW isn't losing its edge but "American Idol" is getting better at choosing its finalist talent pool -- something VFTW would most likely only scoff at.) But there's still an edge to their critiques of anything to do with the show, the judges, and the singers (like their classic slam of Season 10 finalist James Durbin who was intent on slamming this season's Colton Dixon's un-originality). And the important thing is that now that they've finally arrived at DeAndre Brackensick as the "worst" finalist remaining, they just might be able to save him from elimination.

Which is the website's reason to be, is it not?

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