How much to tour the world, hitting every Michelin 3-star restaurant along the way?

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How does a six-month trip around the world sound? How about one with 5-star hotel locations and reservations at all 109 Michelin 3-star restaurants on the planet? Believe it or not, such a tour package exists. And the price for such a unique getaway package for the international gourmand? Just a little over a quarter of a million dollars.

Have money, will travel -- and eat. And that's the point of the world tour package put together by the British luxury retail website Partnering up with travel website HolidaysPlease, they've come up with a travel itinerary that should not only satisfy the traveler that wants to see the world but one that wishes to eat well while he's taking in all the sights the planet's major cities has to offer. And the really good news? It's priced per couple, so you can share the trip and the dining experience of a lifetime.

That's right. The Telegraph reported July 11 that for a mere £182,000 (roughly $274,500), has put together a trip for two around the world, where you can delight your inner gourmand in every Michelin 3-star restaurant currently in existence. And yes, that is correct as well. Every Michelin 3-star restaurant around the world.

There are 109 Michelin 3-star restaurants around the world in 12 different countries. And you'll experience fine dining in each and every one. (For you television fans, it includes dining at the Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, owned by you know who.) Not only that, but VeryFirstTo assures you that you'll enjoy business class travel and 5-star luxury hotel accommodations, including the Hotel de Paris in Monaco and Claridges in London.

And if you're thinking that the price tag on the international trip might be a bit much, consider this: According to Vegas Inc, you get a great table at the swanky nightclub Hyde Bellagio in Las Vegas, a 30-litre bottle of Ace of Spades champagne (yes, that's a three with a zero trailing, the equivalent of 40 regular bottles of champagne), and a chance to choose a song to be played on Fountains of Bellagio after they've been shut down for the night -- all for $250,000. One song. Lots of bubbly. Oh, and you get to press the button that starts up the fountains to play the song.

That gourmet world trip looks like a steal now, does it not?

But be sure to set aside some off-time for your trip because visiting 12 nations and 109 restaurants will be time-consuming. The schedule calls for six months, where the travelers will hit a Michelin 3-star restaurant approximately every other day. Most of the time will be spent in Japan and France, the countries with the most 3-star restaurants, which will give travelers plenty of time to take in the sights and scenery of the respective countries they'll visit.

So, invest in a masterclass vacation. Raid your bank account or cash in that trust fund (or that 401(k)) for that trip of a lifetime. Mortgage the house (again) if you must. Tell your boss you need six months off to see the world. (Or if your self-employed or independently wealthy, just clear your calendar.) Jump over to and book yourself a travel package.

Who doesn't deserve such an extravagance at least once in their lives?

Figure out the details... and bon appetit...

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