Idol's Kris Allen breaks wrist in car wreck, announces he's a father same day

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Kris Allen was involved in a car wreck on New Year's Day, but he also had some great news to share with his fans -- he's going to be a father.

"American Idol" Season 8 winner Kris Allen's new year certainly came in with a bang. Both he and his wife were involved in a car crash on New Year's Day. And judging by the shape of the vehicle (a photo of a twisted machine which was posted to Instagram the next day), he and his wife, Katy, were fortunate to get out of the crumpled vehicle alive.

Kris' mother, Kimberly Allen, posted to her Twitter account on New Year's Day, "From Kris: he's in a lot of pain, arm broke, may not play guitar for a while. Prayers welcome please! #headoncollision." Accompanying the tweet was a photo of a wide-eyed Kris, his arm in a cast, his neck in a brace. Later she added, "Kristopher and Katy are both pretty beat up but ALIVE! Thank you Jesus! They are setting his arm now and will have surgery tomorrow."

Even Kris thought he was lucky to only need surgery on his wrist. He posted to Twitter, "Thank you @Ford for equipping me with a car that kept my whole family @katyallen @ZorroPup and the little one we have on the way safe."

And in case you didn't catch that, the Season 8 winner slyly slipped in that his wife and he were expecting. Katy escaped the accident with only minor bruises.

Later in the day, Kris posted confirmation. "Yes I got in a really bad wreck tonight and yes I'm having a lil baby. #gonnabeadaddy"

The child will be his and his wife's first child.

He also reassured his fans that he was okay, save for the wrist, and that his tour was still on. He followed that message with the Instagram photo of his car, which was demolished in a head on collision. He captioned the photo: "Glad to make it out of this #outalive"

In light of the car crash and given that the name of his upcoming tour is "Out Alive Tour" (after a song on his sophomore album, Thank You Camellia), there is now some added significance in what has become a double entendre.

The car crash and surgery (scheduled for Friday, Jan. 4), not to mention the news of baby, followed a December that saw the Season 8 winner drop a holiday EP, Waiting for Christmas, and performed an online concert just days before Christmas where he dedicated an original song to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting tragedy in Connecticut.

Kris Allen released his second album, Thank You Camellia, back in May.

"American Idol" will be looking for winner number twelve starting on Jan. 16 when the show returns to Fox Television.

To keep up with Kris Allen, go to his official website at

Take Home Message: Life is full of adversity. It is also full of opportunity and celebration. Never allowing adverse conditions or situations get the better of one provides a more open-minded outlook on what the future might hold. Setting goals, like getting back to work and providing for one's family, can help us mentally circumvent or at least ameliorate the malignancies in life, making them far more bearable.

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Submitted by EllenR (not verified) on
Love Kris and wish him a speedy recovery. Thank you for this well-written article. Nice touch, adding the take-home message at the end.

Submitted by MK (not verified) on
Very grateful that Kris, Katy, his dog, Zorro and little Allen on the way made it out alive. The photo was extremely scary. Kris does so many good things for others and his so talented. I look forward to his tour. Congrats on the new baby and btw...this was one of the nicest articles about the accident written.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Your message was very apt.It seems to be the way Kris leads his life and why I admire him.

Submitted by LAMusic (not verified) on
After a day of quiet celebration with family and friends on New Year's Day, the first image and story I confronted online was the photo of Kris in the hospital bed. I thought it was a really sick joke at first. Coming to the realization that it was real, my heart sank. I feared for Kris & Katy, and their unborn baby. So thankful that they are ok. Kris is a true inspiration in addition to being a phenomenal singer/songwriter/musician and humanitarian. Your Take Away Message perfectly describes him as a man. Thank you!

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