Idol's Phillip Phillips, other famous Phillips's form outrageous Phillips supergroup (Video)

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In a video spoof of famous names and supergroups, "American Idol" winner Phillip Phillips joins forces with other famous Phillips's to create an impressively hilarious supergroup.

Just in time for the holidays, "American Idol" Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips has teamed up with other famous Phillips's to release an album sure to please his fans, old school vocal group fans, Latin music fans, sports fans, and even DIY fans -- or at least those are the demographics the new Phillips Phillips supergroup seem to be targeting.

Showing his humorous side, Phillip appeared in a spoof video from The Soup lampooning holiday and "oldies" music commercials that plague late-night broadcasts. In the clip, which prefaces by noting that the new supergroup is "top-secret," the "Idol" winner and a bewigged (or is that hay?) "Wllson" Phillips (a Wilson volleyball -- a la "Wilson" in Tom Hanks' "Castaway") perform the old easy listening Wilson Phillips classic, "Hold On."

But hold on. That's not all. There's even a dubstep remix of "Hold On." And an instrumental version. The offered supergroup "album" is a collection of songs (actually the same song rearranged again and again).

And if you thought the voiceover sounded familiar, well that's because the spoof is narrated by actor (and part-time rocker) Lou Diamond Phillips ("Young Guns," AETV's "Longmire"), who joins up to make the supergroup Wilson Phillip Phillips Phillips. There's even a version of "Hold On" in Spanish.

And a Christmas rendition... (no, seriously... well, sort of seriously...)

But hold on... Lou Diamond Phillips returns for one last pitch. In all mock seriousness he again tells us the supergroup's elongated name, then delivers the slogan: "The supergroup you never knew you wanted."

Sort of like Ringo Starr's All-Star Band. Or the Traveling Willburys. Or Wilson Phillips, for that matter.

Act now, The Soup special album offer continues, and you, the potential consumer, will get an authentic diamond-encrusted Phillips-head screwdriver. (Diamonds spell out L - D - P on the handle.) On the obligatory blue (why are they always blue?) offer page, where a faux phone number and company address (a nonexistent "Phillip Springs, CN") is presented, the disclaimer "Not Available In Store or in Real Life" is seen in small letters. The Soup's address also reads: Phillip Phillips, CA.

But all the spoofing aside, who knew any of the Phillips's could do comedy? Lou Diamond is a great dry humorist. Phillip Phillips is the perfect straight man for the spoof. And "Wilson" Phillips does excellent understated stand-up in the video as well.

The guys at The Soup can be seen in their regular supergroup-less roles on E! Television on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. (EST).

Watch the "Wilson Phillip Phillips Phillips" video:

(photo credit: Thedarkknightjc, Creative Commons)

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