Make a Beyonce Sandwich: Bootylicious sweet hotness on toast (video)

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Build your own Beyonce (sandwich, not the diva) in your own kitchen and let the flavors entertain you like a Super Bowl halftime extravaganza for your taste buds.

There's a great video on the HooplaHa Channel on YouTube -- and at the bottom of the page -- that combines two of mankind's greatest accomplishments: Creative (and good) food and music. It's a "how to" video from HooplaHa Studios that puts together an imaginative construction called the Beyonce Sandwich (complete with captions) with the classic Destiny's Child song, "Bootylicious" as soundtrack. And by the time it is over, you'll agree that those who dreamed this one up have served up a tasty dish fit for a queen (Bey, that is).

As the beginning staccato guitar kicks in (Stevie Nicks' classic "Edge of Seventeen" sampled for the song, no less), the two hands begin to compile the The Beyonce Sandwich. They begin with two slices of thick Texas Toast (because Beyonce was born in the Lone Star State, the video caption explains. Oh, yeah, each addition to the sandwich has an explanation for its inclusion). Then there's three strips of crisp bacon (symbolic of Destiny's Child, Beyonce's former group and multi-platinum recording artists in their own right) arranged on one slice of bread. This is followed by a liberal sprinkling of Bleu cheese (for Beyonce's daughter, Ivy Blue Carter).

Then in escalating order as Destiny's Child asks "Are you ready?":

Fried Chicken, deep or pan-fried breaded tenderloins -- Beyonce's favorite food
Hot Sauce, sprinkled liberally on the tenderloins -- symbolic of her perfume "Heat"
Jelly, smeared on the bottom of the capping piece of Texas Toast -- simply captioned with ("are you ready?")

The video then kicks into a "speed round," where the hands do as instructed: "BUILD." And just after the hot sauce is applied, with the lyrics "I don't think you're ready for this jelly" (the actual lyrics of "Bootylicious") supporting the filmed act of coating that second piece of toast, the unknown owner of the building hands completes the mission.


There's one more thing: You're reminded that "if you like it," as a topping garnish, add an onion ring.

That's right: Put a ring on it.

Punny, but it works -- as does the sandwich. It's big and loaded and quite appealing, but so is Beyonce. And nothing's wasted, from the hotness to the sweetness to the generous portions of meat, even though there's quite a bit more than a mouthful packed in there. All in all, it's a flavorful homage to southern cuisine, fun, and American excess -- a pop diva of a sandwich.

The video is quite entertaining and well thought out, and the sandwich is a delicious combination of flavors and a fitting tribute worthy of a queen's palate, including its namesake, Queen Bey.

Check out the video of The Beyonce Sandwich from HooplaHa Studios and build your own:

(photo credit: Beelover9481, Creative Commons)

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