'MasterChef' goes Hollywood: Jane Lynch picks sides, but there's no 'Glee' for the losing team

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The remaining 14 "MasterChef" home cooks get the opportunity to cook for the cast and production team of "Glee." Jane Lynch even stepped in -- complete with sweats and attitude befitting her role as Sue Sylvester -- to choose teams. And right away, things were looking bad for the Red Team.

"MasterChef" is a difficult enough challenge without tossing in the added burden of cooking for actors, celebrities, and the production staff of a hit television show. But that was the task that was set for the Season 4 home cooks for Episode 10 (June 19). With Jessie Lysiak and Krissi Biasiello ready to lead the respective teams (because they won the Elimination Test Challenge on the previous episode), everyone was gathered in the "Glee" rehearsal room.

Team Challenge

Right away, Chef Gordon Ramsay, Chef Graham Elliot, and restauranteur Joe Bastianich let them know that the challenge would be a bit different. Instead of allowing the team captains to choose their teams, a special guest would do so. Enter: Jane Lynch in full Sue Sylvester uniform (sweats, of course). She immediately goes into character, labeling the teams the "Beauties" (Jessie's Red Team) and the "Beasts" (Krissi's Blue Team). After choosing, she felt she had a couple people on the wrong teams, so she switched them. This was just fine with Jessie. Krissi, however, was annoyed that Bime Cruz was placed on her team. Why? She doesn't like him and thinks he's a "screw-up."

Regardless, it was time to prep and cook...

Both teams had to prepare three entrees: Fried Chicken with Fries and Coleslaw, Vegan Lasagna with a Mixed Salad, and Grilled Salmon with Scalloped Potatoes and Asparagus. The teams were left to their own devices as to how the dishes would be seasoned or sauced.

The Red Team took a little longer to get going. Krissi's Blue Team was a model of precision, everything seeming to move like clockwork.

And then the Red Team hit another snag. Jessie turned to give a little direction, turned back to her station, and cut her finger to the nerve. She nearly fainted. Blood was running continuously. So she was no help for her team for most of preparation time. And then the glaze used on the Grilled Salmon caused the skin to stick to the grill. (Lynn quickly moved the Salmon to pans and finished the portions there.) Things were not looking good for the Red Team at all.

The winning team would be the group that accumulated the most votes from the cast and crew of "Glee." They would be judged by whichever entree the participants chose after being presented one of the same entree from each team.

During service, both teams hit a rough period when they ran out of chicken. And then, for the Blue Team, some of the chicken, which was being prepared by Bime, was found to be raw.

When it came time to announce the winner, they did it in "Glee" fashion, with a drum corps and some cheerleaders. Jane Lynch announced that after serving all the "Glee" personnel, the Red Team had won.

Krissi couldn't believe it. Jordan, who had never been on a losing team, couldn't, either. Jessie had gone into the Team Challenge undefeated and remained so.

Pressure Test

The judges gave Krissi the rules for the Blue Team's Pressure Test. She would be allowed to to choose three players to save from elimination. She chose Jonny Blanchard and Natasha Crnjac to watch from the balcony with the Red Team. Before she chose the last person, the judges told her that she could save herself. They also told her that Bime's chicken had dominated the Red Team's chicken in the voting and that Jordan had only received two votes for his Salmon dish. Despite knowing this, Krissi chose to save herself, causing Jordan to call her a hypocrite and return the condemnation of "b**** move" he had received for saving himself in an earlier challenge.

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That left Bethy Rossos, James Nelson, Jordan Roots, and Bime to face the Pressure Test.

Their challenge: Bake a Lemon Meringue Pie from scratch. One exception: No lemons were to be used.

It was clear to see who was going to lose early on when Bime put cream of tartar, not corn starch, in his curd. Everyone on the balcony saw it. Krissi was delighted. When Natasha later told her that it was hard to watch, Krissi assured her it wasn't.

James pie crust was slightly undercooked but the judges liked his imaginative use of blood oranges for filling. Jordan had cooked a near perfect Lemon Meringue Pie, so, in the end, it came down to two poorly prepared pies. Bethy's had been a bit underwhelming, but Bime's was acidic and looked a mess. Both had done well in the previous cupcake Elimination Test but now faced going home themselves.

But Bime's disaster was deemed worst and he had to give up his "MasterChef" apron.

Bime's mistake could have happened to anyone, but it cost him his place in the "MasterChef" kitchen. It should be a lesson to us all. Never get in such a hurry when performing that you overlook the basics. A simple dipped finger in the cream of tartar would have told Bime he had the wrong ingredient for the curd. Haste makes waste, an old English proverb warns, and in Bime's case, it most certainly did.

"MasterChef" airs on Wednesday evenings starting at 8 p.m. (EST) on Fox Television.

(photo credit: Greg Hernandez, Creative Commons)