Michele Bachman Pledges To Ban Pornography

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Rep. Michele Bachmann signed a pledge to work to pass a constitutional amendment to define marriage as an act that can only take place between a woman and a man. She also wants to ban all pornography. The former might be far easier to implement than the latter. Regardless, signing the pledge contradicts her Tea Party beliefs.

Pornography is a multi-billion-dollar international industry. With the advent of the Internet, it has found easy access to every home with a computer or a cell phone. It can be purchased in the form of hard copy in magazines, graphic novels, books, CDs, and VHS videos. And GOP presidential contender and Tea Party Caucus leader Michele Bachmann has signed a pledge to ban it all.

According to the ABC News political tipsheet "The Note," Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) recently signed "The Marriage Vow – A Declaration of Dependence upon Marriage and Family." The pledge is primarily a promise for candidates to work toward passing a constitutional amendment that would define marriage as a union between a man and a woman, but the two-page document goes on to support the argument for traditional marriage (read: anti-same-sex marriage or union)by labeling homosexuality a "choice," not genetic in origin, and not supported by scientific, empirical data. The document also notes that the "debasement [of marriage] continues as a function of adultery," a factor of which is pornography.

The "Marriage Vow" calls for a ban on all pornography.

Bachmann, with the signing of the pledge, has again painted herself into a controversial corner, one in which she will undoubtedly find herself explaining and re-explaining her position and reasoning -- or simply dancing around the issues like she did with Bob Schneider on CBS' "Face The Nation" in June, only to dance her way into making statements that were false.

As the Tea Party Caucus leader in the House of Representatives, Bachmann's stance against pornography might be a Family Values-targeted approach, but it is a contradiction to basic Tea Party beliefs. Among the Tea Party's central themes are small federal government, more localized government control, and adherence to the original U. S. Constitution. Bachmann's signing of the pledge, given the modern nature of pornography and its ubiquitousness (especially via the Internet), she argues for bigger government in a constitutional amendment to ban all pornography. According to Miller v. California (1973), the "Miller Test" became a Supreme Court-sanctioned ruling that set up a three-part array in which "community standards" could be used to determine whether or not an item was pornographic, obscene, and of no redeeming value. This allowed communities and regions to set their own obscenity standards, which is in keeping with Tea Party standards (as a federal law banning pornography would not). And since an amendment to the U. S. Constitution would be getting further away from the original ratified version, an amendment appended to the end of the rest of the amendments would be superfluous.

Still, given the extensive prevalence of pornography, a federal ban via amendment would undoubtedly hit a few roadblocks. According to an article at Top 10 Reviews, pornography statistics indicate that there are 40 million regular porn site accessors in America, with 25 percent of all daily search engine requests having to do with sex or porn, and 35 percent of all monthly downloads are pornographic in nature. A federal ban against Internet pornography would make it all illegal, making all accessors criminals.

Taking a lesson from history, the 18th Amendment, which prohibited the pervasive and ubiquitous social vice alcohol, suffered the unintended effects of increased criminal activities associated with bootlegging and operating establishments that sold illegal spirits. That amendment was soon repealed by another amendment, the 21st Amendment.

An amendment banning pornography would most likely attract the same legislative fate.

And jails and prisons are overcrowded as it is...

Signing the pledge, which was produced by the conservative Iowa-based organization Family Leader, may have simply been Bachmann's attempt to pander to her base of evangelicals and Family Values voters. Iowa is one of six states where same-sex marriages are legal.

Iowa also will be Bachmann's first primary challenge. The Iowa Caucus is scheduled for February 6, 2012.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
that was a skilled way to end her political career, I am curious to know more of the whole "pledge" thing and who or how, why it was initially offered to Michele Bachmann ...if it was designed by an Obama/Clinton supporter or themselves even in order to undermine her favor and gain Obama support-because after reading the pledge, I thought of Oprah and Obama, then Bachmann losing support. Obama won the last election by process of elimination, and he/they ran a anti-war campaign to control liberals. Had he not expanded the war to Afghanistan, hired Clinton and Biden whom incidentally voted ("yes" we can) to invade Iraq, now still spending 2 billion a WEEK oversea's while state and federal programs are facing more cuts, arts programs are losing funding plus Obama also attacked Libya-I'd say then Obama is a real winner, and deserves the noble peace prize. In the end he's a decoy candidate- the war machine got what they wanted and Bachmann is a troll and set up. Couldn't help but wonder if now after as she is constantly being told how gorgeous she is in blog posts and by others in public- if she wants them or the public to see her as untouchable sexually-yet insatiable and controlling of others sexual fantasy or thoughts as porn does nothing but to fulifill this. Barf to Obama and this Republican whack job who I would rather see making out with Oprah in a sensationalized over publicized upcoming episode on her (Oprah's) failing cable channel- to help boost poor ratings. Did I mention Bill (Monica didnt play with my dog)Clinton de-regulated the banks and our economy then collapsed years following, or that Bill Clinton also turned radio stations into a joke after removing radio anti-trust laws? Now we have the same song and dance routine on repeat incidently the music business has also COLLAPSED. Liberals are an abused and used bunch of gullible people, easily toyed with. Obama wants an extra amount in donations soon I bet as he collected from "the gays" in New York recently at a dinner where he refused to endorse gay marriages directly, opposed to his position in 1996. I am tired of half assed politicians with deep pockets using the disenfranchized. Anyway the capability to contact Bob Vander Plaats is available through his website. I say ditch OFA (Obama For America) get some friends together and call the offices of subtle hate groups such as these and let them know what your thinking. I do- and have taken the time to "reach out" while in my underwear to "Focus On The Family". Its good therapy. Mind you Dick Cheney and Laura Bush did more for gay marriages in a short amount of time-than a list of Democrats (Laura Bush is a Dem f.y.i). Don't bother with pandering politicians.

Submitted by Ben hutch (not verified) on
You're curious to know how and why? Just read the last paragraph. You could also do a search. All this info is easily available.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
"The document also notes that the "debasement [of marriage] continues as a function of adultery," a factor of which is pornography." - how did you draw this conclusion?

Submitted by Mark_K (not verified) on
If she gets her way the erotic pictures my wife gave me of herself could land me in jail. The U.S. is already the worlds leading jailer (Wikipedia 2011) . The Taliban, another extremist religious political group also banned pornography and then just about everything else including music. Do we really want to pay back the soldiers risking their lives for freedom with the loss of the freedom to even enjoy a sexy movie along with whatever other freedoms she does not like? I pray not.

Submitted by MaryM (not verified) on
If Bachmann has her way the Republican notion of less government will mean more police searching home computers for pornography, more sonograms to prevent women from getting abortions, eventually that right being eliminated altogether which means more illegal abortions and deaths from illegal abortions, gays having no rights at all which means they could be dying in hospitals and their lifelong partners could be denied access while immediate family (who cut them off for being gay) would not come to visit. As our economy collapses so goes common sense and simple rights to the pursuit of happiness. The Democrats have not got a lot to fear because the Republicans are rolling out a parade of freaks. I voted for Obama and will do so again because the alternative is complete ridiculous. So...PRESIDENT OBAMA DO SOMETHING! MAKE OUR SENATE AND CONGRESS ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISH MORE THAN BICKERING LIKE SCHOOLCHILDREN. MAKE THEM EARN THEY HUGE SALARIES, GREAT HEALTH INSURANCE AND FABULOUS RETIREMENT. OBAMA DO SOMETHING! Please.

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