Miley Cyrus' Giant Penis Birthday Cake Photos

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There is no telling what the latest penis birthday cake photos starring daughter Miley Cyrus will do to Billy Ray Cyrus' blood pressure.

It appears as if Miley Cyrus is definitely not daddy's little girl any longer. Nor is she the girl next door (unless she's in line for a spot at the Playboy Mansion). If there was a vestigial piece of her naive and innocent Disney counterpart, Hannah Montana, left in Miley Cyrus, it might be safe to say that it has departed, the last of it gone with the breaking of the icing on her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth's giant penis birthday cake, the photos of which are now running viral and burning up the Internet.

Yes, a giant penis. The photos, which have been posted on TMZ (albeit with the large phallic shape blurred out on the front page -- but NSFW pics only a click away) come complete with Cyrus, now 19 years old, hovering over the cake, mouth agape. In one photo she appears to mimic licking. That the photo images are sexually suggestive would be an understatement.

TMZ also reported that Cyrus, although underage, was allegedly drinking alcohol at the party.

The massive phallic image was bordered in red icing with the sheet cake itself topped in black. Small red penises dotted topping. "Happy Birthday Liam" ran along the side of the cake as well.

Well, she did warn everyone that she couldn't be tamed. And it wasn't as if she didn't provide a little foreshadowing at her nineteenth birthday party.

Cyrus made headlines back in November at her birthday bash when a Bob Marley-themed birthday cake was displayed and she told a gathering at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, "You know you're a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much f***in' weed." A video of the event went viral, but TMZ reported a publicist later said that Cyrus had simply been joking, that she was referring to an inside joke between herself and Kelly Osbourne (where Osbourne nicknamed her "Bob Miley" after the salvia incident that made headlines just after her eighteenth birthday).

Billy Ray Cyrus, her famous country star father, has been very candid about his daughter's public displays of wildness.

After the salvia incident, he posted to Twitter that the video made him sad, but that things were now beyond his control. He later told GQ in March that he felt that the pressures of working for Disney and some bad advice from her handlers was putting his daughter in "danger." He went on to say that "Hannah Montana" had destroyed his life.

The elder Cyrus reportedly had words with his daughter over the damage she could do to her reputation after the now infamous "Stoner" video surfaced.

No telling what the he'll think of the penis-shaped birthday cake.

But it isn't as if Miley Cyrus hasn't been the center of controversy for years, the center of scandals involving scantily clad pictures and wardrobe malfunctions and a Vanity Fair pictorial that some deemed age inappropriate for the then 15-year-old. She seems to have been trying to break out of the "innocent little girl" stage for years. There's little question she's done that now...

Incidentally, wonder what Liam Hemsworth thought of the cake -- and the photos? Hemsworth, an Australian actor and brother of Chris Hemsworth ("Thor"), turned 22 on Jan. 13.

(photo credit: Chrisa Hickey, Creative Commons)


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Another little girl destroyed by Hollyweird . . . the next Britney, or Amy Winehouse- smooth move Billy Ray . . . what a good dad!

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hey at least she chose the right was a guy she was going for and not a female box!!! god bless her if she sticks to the good book and male&female! not female&female.that is sick!

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