One Direction doubles up on 'X Factor' for new album (Video)

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One song just wasn't enough for the screaming audience during the "X Factor" live results show, so One Direction served up a second song for the appreciative crowd.

Although Judge Simon Cowell was called out by his rookie colleague, Demi Lovato, on the "X Factor" during the Top 13 performance show for shamelessly plugging one of his own artists, you can't really blame him. After all, he was the guy who took five young men on the UK version of "X Factor" during Season 7 and put them together to form a group. He was also their mentor. The rest, as they say, is history. One Direction came in third and he signed them to his record label, Syco Records. Then they took the world by storm...

But they were in Los Angeles Thursday evening for the "X Factor" results show. In fact, they opened the show with their smash hit "Live Live We're Young," which has been certified gold in the U. S. The song was the first single from their sophomore studio album, Take Me Home, which is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, Nov. 13, in America (but was released in Ireland on Nov. 9).

When talking with "X Factor" hosts Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez, One Direction got a video call from their unofficial "fifth" member, Drew Brees. The band has a couple of Pepsi commercials with the Super Bowl MVP quarterback, where Brees allows One Direction's Harry (Styles) to keep a Pepsi they were fighting over if he is allowed to join the band. Unfortunately, Brees has no real vocal ability. In their conversation on "X Factor," Brees played the guy wondering when he was going to get to sing with the band. They told him they'd let him know. He left off after mentioning that they said he could join them in Alaska. The guys said Brees was a good footballer, but not so good at singing. And if his singing in the commercial is a true indication of his vocal stylings, it's no wonder the guys are avoiding him.

Appropriately enough, during the break, one of the Pepsi commercials played -- the one where Brees got Harry a football tryout. Unfortunately for Harry, he's about as prepared to be an NFL football player as Brees is to sing. A short pass topples him over a strategically placed sofa...

After several of the "X Factor" finalists learned their fate, One Direction returned to the stage to perform the second single from Take Me Home. The song, "Little Things," is an acoustic ballad, a little different from the band's usual pop fare.

One Direction has sold over 13 million records and DVDs worldwide. Their first album, 2011's Up All Night, debuted at No. 1 in the U. S. on the Billboard 200. They became the first group ever from the UK to debut in the top position on the Billboard chart with their first album. Up All Night went platinum and was certified in July.

Their mentor, Simon Cowell, also drew the Groups for Season 2 on "X Factor" USA. Seeing the success of One Direction will undoubtedly fire the ambitions of his acts, especially Fifth Harmony, a group of five young solo singers cobbled together for the competition (not unlike the UK boy band) and Lyric 145, a rap trio comprised of a male hip hop duo and a solo female rapper. Still, of all his groups, Emblem3 was the one Simon expected to win. If they're going to, it would appear they've got to rock the vote a little bit harder.

For the first time in the history of any singing competition show, the order in which the acts placed with regard to number of votes was revealed to the audience. Simon's groups finished ninth (Lyric 145), sixth (Emblem3), and fifth (Fifth Harmony). Country singer Tate Stevens finished at the top of the list.

Take Me Home drops on Tuesday, Nov. 13. "Little Things," One Direction's latest single, was released on Oct. 29 worldwide. The official video was released to VEVO on Nov. 2. (Watch the video for "Little Things.")

"X Factor" airs on Fox Television at 8 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Watch One Direction perform "Little Things" live on the "X Factor" Top 13 results show:

(photo credit: Fiona McKinlay, Creative Commons)

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