Phillip Phillips debut album to drop before Christmas?

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Will "American Idol" Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips get his first album in circulation a few months earlier than he thought?

Someone at 19 Entertainment or at Interscope Records must have told Phillip Phillips to get a move on and finish recording his first album. Why? Because just the other day he posted to Twitter that his debut album might be out by the "end of November."

Phillips tweeted on Thursday: "Only 4 more songs to sing!" When a follower asked when he thought the album might get released, he posted: "by the end of november most likely!"

All of which means that the Georgia boy's first collection of songs will likely hit stores and be available online for download just in time for Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving and traditionally the kick-off to the Christmas buying season). According to, that appears to be the case. They have a listing for an album by Phillip Phillips called The World From The Side Of The Moon. The release date is listed as November 19, which is the Monday before Thanksgiving.

This is all good news for fans of the "American Idol" winner who thought they might have to wait until sometime in early 2013 to either hear new music by Phillips or buy his inaugural album. They got that impression from Phillips himself who said in an interview at the end of August that he still had most of the recording to do and didn't think the album would be ready earlier than January.

"I've been writing and just trying to record a little bit," he told 95.5 WPLJ (New York) in an interview while the "American Idol LIVE! Tour" was in town, "but a lot of the recording won't be going down until after the tour is over."

Phillips said he had about 40 or 50 songs written to choose from. "I mean, I've got the rough recording, just acoustic," he explained. "It's probably going to come out in January or February. They want to give me some time to really make an album that represents me, so hopefully people will stick around to check it out."

Apparently "they" decided that time was a-wasting and making people wait for that first album wasn't in anyone's best interest. Given Phillips' run with the "American Idol" winner's coronation song, "Home," his handlers most likely wanted to capitalize on its unprecedented success. The song, which was selling relatively well, got a boost from the 2012 Olympics when NBC Television, the network covering the Olympic Games in London, began playing the song during their gymnastics coverage. And it probably didn't hurt that the song was chosen as background for the trailer of the latest Clint Eastwood movie, "Trouble With The Curve." The song is closing in on double platinum status, getting its platinum certification in August.

Phillips isn't the only "American Idol" finalist who talked of taking a little extra time to record only to later announce that they would release their album before the holidays. Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks and Season 9 runner-up Crystal Bowersox did the same.

Undoubtedly, the people at Interscope/Universal Music convinced Phillips that timing was crucial and taking advantage of the holiday shopping season for his debut effort was the way to go. And without a doubt Phillip Phillips fans will be saying a word of thanks that "they" were able to convince the laid back Idol to get that album out a few months earlier than originally planned.

"American Idol" begins airing again in January, embarking on its twelfth season in search for the next Idol.

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