Recipe: Add This Simplest Au Jus Sauce To Your Next Steak

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You've been buying those ready-made Au Jus packets because you had no idea how easy it was to make the sauce.

How do you like your steak? Done? Well done? Medium rare? But do you often feel the need to enhance the flavor of a beef or steak dish? There are some who will not leave a steak in its natural state and eat it. But many of those same people don't like an overpowering flavor to take away from the steak itself. For this very reason, the Au Jus sauce was created and perfected. And for National Sauce Month (yes, February is National Sauce Month. Just ask Food Network), you should do yourself a favor and learn how to make such a sauce for your next steak dish. Why, when you can simply buy a packet at the local grocery store? Well, simply because it is one of the easiest sauces to make.

Au jus is French for "in its own juices," which is the perfect name for such a simple sauce. And when you discover just how easy it is to create in your own kitchen, you will most likely wonder how anyone can get away with making the sauce in packets. (For the answer to that, you have to merely look at the demand for bottled water and bottled Kool-Aid.)

Simple Au Jus Sauce

3 cups Water
4 tsp Beef Bouillon (or 4 cubes)
1 tsp Soy Sauce
1/4 tsp Garlic Powder
Salt and Pepper


Heat water in sauce pan, bring to a boil. Reducing heat to low setting, whisk in the beef bouillon.

Follow by whisking in soy sauce and garlic powder.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

If a thicker Au Jus gravy is desired, add in a little flour until consistency wanted is reached.


How simple was that? Although it is easy to believe food companies are making money on the prepackaged sauce, can you believe you didn't know how simple it was to make such a flavorful sauce? Well, the good news is: Now you do. So celebrate National Sauce Month by making your own Au Jus gravy (sauce).

Bon a petit.

(photo credit: Nick Ares, Creative Commons)

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