Republicans Have More Orgasms And Divorces Than Democrats, Study Finds

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Ever wonder why Republicans seem to be caught in more sex scandals than Democrats. It might have something to do with their sex lives. It just might have something to do with orgasms and sexual satisfaction.

It has long been accepted as fact that conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats, are different from each other. There have even been studies and books published that show marked differences in the way the opposing ideologies think and how their brains react to the same stimuli. And now a dating site,, adds more information to the ever-growing set of differences: Republicans are more likely than Democrats to achieve orgasm and to be satisfied sexually.

According to, Republicans are more likely to have less sex and wait longer to have sex with their potential partners. However, working on the theory of delayed gratification, it appears that waiting and abstinence just might preclude the ability to achieve orgasm during sex. Dr. Helen Fisher explains that this is possibly achieved due to being more relaxed with one's partner, which would be the natural result of delaying sexual congress and getting to know one's partner better. According to Fisher, Republicans are truly conservative, looking for partners who hold with the same political ideology and background and searching for someone to marry. And they achieve orgasm as much as 91-100 percent of the time.

Democrats are, appropriately enough, more liberal in their choices for partners. Although they, too, look for companionship with someone with a similar lifestyle, they also tend to choose partners who are more independent, have a sense of humor, and can be considered their equal. They also tend to be more prone to having sex on a first date (65 percent to 49 percent).

Still, what about religion? Republicans are more likely than Democrats to hold deeper religious convictions, according to one Gallup poll. Religion could account for the less frequent acts of sex and could also account for deeper trust and like-mindedness. And people tend to be more relaxed when they're doing something they feel is acceptable and for the right reason, such as within the socially accepted parameters of marriage and for procreation (which is not only a biological imperative but also a religiously sanctioned act, especially in Christianity, which is the religion of choice of most Republicans).

But Republicans are more likely to become divorced, something frowned upon in most religious circles. One in four Republicans were found to have been married twice, as opposed to one out of five Democrats. If their their sex lives are more fulfilling and based on trust and traditional understanding, how is that possible?

Going back to the proffered explanation about orgasms, it very well could have something to do with trust and relaxation. Most affairs are relationships that have been built up over time, often as not with someone at one's workplace. There would exist a comfort zone between the two before an act of cheating would ensue. If Republicans are more likely to delay sexual gratification until they establish said comfort zone, then be able to achieve a more fulfilling sexual experience once the affair was embarked upon, it would most likely increase the number of occurrences where a married individual would find themselves divorcing and marrying another.

Could this be the explanation as to why more Republicans seem to be caught up in sex scandals? Or are Democrats simply better at concealing their affairs? Could this explain former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich's extramarital affairs that resulted in two divorces and two subsequent marriages to the women with whom he had the affairs?


So where does this all lead? Does this mean that conservatives have better sex lives than liberals? Do they also cheat more than liberals? Perhaps in a statistical sense. It should be pointed out that individuals, no matter their political stripe, are unique in their interactions and that the sexual bonding equation changes and is dependent upon the individuals involved. In other words, one's attraction and interactions with one individual will not play out the same with a different individual, even if the stimulating mechanism were the same. Simply put: everybody's different, bringing the sum of their experiences with them to each relationship. That would also, by extension, make each relationship different as well.

In the end, as has revealed, a pairing of Republicans might not be all that exciting or have an element of gender equality associated with it, but the general like-mindedness allows for sexual satisfaction and more orgasms. Not a bad trade-off.

And yet, Democrats can compensate for their lack of orgasmic relationships by laughing about it. Good thing they look for partners with a sense of humor.

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