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Scientists: God Particle Almost Detectable, Remains Just Out Of Focus

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Scientists at Chicago's Fermilab say they have created some 1,000 Higgs particles during their experiments. However, the short-lived manifestations are not enough to declare that the Higgs boson -- the "God particle" -- actually exists. Yet.

Physicists working at the Fermilab in Chicago, Ill., are running out of fresh data to study. But it is in what they have studied that might indicate the presence of the elusive Higgs boson, the so-called "God particle." Because it is in the data gathered from 500 trillion particle collisions that has provided scientists with images -- "hints" -- of the ultra-small particle that could be responsible for sub-atomic mass, the last theorized piece of the puzzle for the Standard Model of particle physics.

Scientists say they have created about 1,000 Higgs particles over the ten years of particle collision experiments at Fermilab, Reuters reported Wednesday. However, the images of the particles are short-lived and extremely difficult to qualify with certainty.

"Unfortunately, this hint is not significant enough to conclude that the Higgs boson exists," Fermilab physicist Rob Roser stated at a conference in Italy Wednesday.

The Higgs boson was so quick to decay into other particles, Roser explained the study's findings, that its image was "fuzzy."

Fermilab was forced to shut down its 4-mile-long Tevatron collider in September due to lack of government funding. Even though the data gathered from its collision experiments might not obtain definitive proof of the God particle's existence, the findings will help enable the CERN and its Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a 17-mile-long particle accelerator located beneath the surface of the France-Switzerland border, to possibly make the discovery. Scientists there are hoping to find the proof they need before the LHC shuts down for maintenance at the end of 2012.

If the God particle actually exists, that is.

In all the equations concerning the make-up of the universe, much was explained about subatomic particles and electromagnetism and nuclear relationships by what became known as the Standard Model. With its development subatomic bosons and quarks were not only theorized but actually found to exist. However, the way matter acquired mass at the elementary subatomic level was an uncertainty. Peter Higgs, a British physicist, proposed in 1964 the theoretical existence of a mechanism thought to permeate all matter since the Big Bang and by which particles attained mass. The search for the subatomic particle has been ongoing ever since.

And even with 1,000 or so "hints" at its existence, the Higgs boson remains only a theoretical particle. If it is not found, physicists will again be faced with the task of re-examining the Standard Model and attempting to find new avenues to explain just what provides elementary particles mass.

Scientists are confident that the answer -- one way or the other -- will be reached within the year.

"We know everything about the Higgs boson except whether it exists," Rolf Heuer, director general of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN), told AFP back in July 2011.

Via webcast from Geneva, he told reporters: "We can settle this Shakespearean question -- to be or not to be -- by the end of next year."

(photo credit: Fermilab, Reidar Hahn, Wikimedia Commons)


Submitted by Sean (not verified) on
God is laughing at every single person that believes science will find the actual sub-element that created the universe. It's not for us to know and God will make sure of that. I am also a true believer in science but, only for areas that benefit humans in a positive way. All the billions and billions and billions of dollars that was spent on this project not including all the time and energy that was used so that science can use Shakesphere's old saying "to be or not to be" is sad on every level. Wasted money! Here we are trying to figure out what God is and how the universe came to be instead of dealing with issues such as hunger and disease. What a great society we all live in these days.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I agree that it's very expensive to research these things, but you can't make unqualified claims that "it's not for us to know." Says who? You? That kind of ignorant, mindless garbage is what makes hunger and disease possible. Maybe the cure for cancer isn't for us to know either, or do you in your infinite wisdom choose which science is legitimate and beneficial for society and which is not? And another thing. Calling it the "God particle" doesn't mean anything. It's just a name. Get over it. I doubt you'd be so concerned if it were called the Sean particle.

Submitted by Md Santo (not verified) on
Don’t you ever consider by using Inverted Paradigm Method (IPM) as top-down scientific approach instead of ordinary bottom-up “deducto-hypothetico-verification” approach as currently used in Fermilab as well as in CERN could succeeded in seeking some solutions and answers regarding the hunt of “God Particle”? By using IPM, we did reverse engineering applied to our Human System Biology-based Knowledge Management (HSBKM) model framework as well as our Mobee Knowledge Competency Capability Maturity (MKCCM) model as KM metrics since 2009. Considering HSBKM as well as MKCCM is solid and robust “lab and workingplace 2.0” with excellent Taxonomy and Metadata management, we came up from applied science (Knowledge Management) some theoretical constructs result for the benefit of basic science (Theoretical Science) One of our statement regarding the prediction of searching Higgs Boson as follow, ....“k” approaches 0.0 such as the ecosystem of Higgs Boson, will make all scientific efforts practically a “mission impossible” . We dare to say, almost impossible to any scientific effort goes beyond “our illusion dream land” with “k” = 1.0 to leap into “absolute dream land” with “k” less than 1.0 or practically = 0.0 considering that “…... space-time is only the notion of human being in the universe to accommodate the existence of Matter and Energy (Dec 12, 2011) Our recent articles among others “Knowledge Value (KV) – “k” Constant relationship diagram generated from Human System Biology-based Knowledge Management (HSBKM) model framework )”, “KM-based predicting the hunt for Higgs Boson” and “Nature Knowledge Theory” will explain our results

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