Sexy Ex-Nevada Senator Poses in Bikini for Votes at Maxim

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Former GOP politician Elizabeth Halseth, better known as the youngest state senator in Nevada legislature history, appears to be running a write-in campaign. But she doesn't want your support for a political office this time. Instead, the sexy mother of three wants your vote to make the "Maxim 100," an annual list of the hottest women in the world.

It isn't every day one sees a politician posing in a bikini. In fact, seeing a politician, male or female, in a bathing suit is rare. But ex-Nevada state senator Elizabeth Halseth isn't just any ordinary politician. For one thing, she was the youngest person in Nevada history to hold a Senate seat. For another, she won the position without any political training, without much in the way of financing, without much party support, and in a district where her party was the minority. And then there's the fact that it is doubtful many politicians would look as good as she does in a bikini. No, this mother of three that billed herself as a family values conservative while running for office is not one's ordinary politician. But, then, she's not what one would consider an ordinary Maxim model or candidate for their "Hot 100," either.

"The former state senator of Nevada clearly knows a thing or two about campaigning: The votes for Halseth keep on coming," a caption under her write-in photo reads. "And with a couple years in office under her belt, she just might be ready to represent on the Hot 100."

Even though Halseth is attempting to garner votes again, this time around she isn't running to regain her old Senate seat back. Instead, she wants public support for a write-in campaign to be listed among the hottest women in the world, the annual "Maxim Hot 100." Instead of robocalls and emails and flyers and stump speeches, Halseth presses for the vote with a photo of herself in a black bikini.

Not a bad campaign strategy for the former senator...

Halseth's story is a strange one, according to Huffington Post. The last anyone heard from her was a letter of resignation in February 2012 giving up her Senate position during a very public divorce and custody battle.

Police were called to Halseth's home in October and her husband arrested. Halseth accused her husband of trying to force her to have sex. He was charged with "open and gross lewdness."

As she was one to not miss legislative sessions, her colleagues noticed when she missed meetings in early 2012, shortly after filing for divorce. In her letter of resignation, she noted that partisan politics and "unfounded personal attacks" by bloggers had made it very difficult for her to find work and said she needed to leave the state to find employment.

That was earlier in the year. Fast forward several months and she has resurfaced as a potential Maxim model. And with all the headlines trumpeting that she was a "family values" conservative during her short stint in the Nevada legislature, it would seem that she's given up on the idea of returning to politics -- at least as a conservative.

But that doesn't mean Halseth doesn't need or want your votes. She's just running for a different kind of position these days.

Well, perhaps not running. More like posing...

Besides all the other sexy (or "hot") entrants -- like supermodel Adriana Lima and actress Charlize Theron -- that one can vote for on the regular page, Halseth can be found on 'The Most Popular Hot 100 Write-ins of 2012' page, where she is listed with pop star Avril Lavigne, "Castle" actress Stana Katic, "American Idol" finalist Haley Reinhart, and Comedy Central faux conservative talk show host Stephen Colbert.

For those interested in supporting Halseth for the "Maxim Hot 100," a vote can be cast for her at

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There's nothing humorous nor entertaining about the wreckage that Halseth has left in the wake of her disastrous Senate term and the affair she had which led to her husband's filing for a divorce and her subsequent 'open and gross lewd' trumped-up charge against him. She's got a voracious ego and history is well-documented with the tragedies that surround the lives of those who live solely for their own gratification.

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