Would you let Starbucks customers name your kid? This Connecticut couple did

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One Connecticut couple circumvented the traditional arguing over the baby's name by letting customers at their favorite Starbucks choose the child's name.

Is it such a bad idea, this allowing others to name one's baby? Well, it could be argued that letting just two people (or one in a single-parent situation) decide a child's name might not be such a good idea -- people like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, for example (named their child North... West. Yeah...). Or Beth Riesgraf and Jason Lee (named their kid Pilot Inspektor Riesgraf-Lee. Not a joke...). Or how about people that have named their kids unpronounceable and un-spellable names (to others)?

Anyway, Jennifer James, 25, and Mark Dixon, 24, of West Haven, Conn., were having a difficult time deciding on whether to name the little boy (yes, they already knew the gender) Logan or Jackson, the New Haven Register reportedJune 26. They've been together for three years, but have known each other since meeting at a party when they were both 18.

They got the idea of putting the baby name to a vote by implementing the system used by a local Starbucks coffee house to choose their Employee of the Month.

"We saw that and thought we might as well see how it works," Dixon said.

But like any real voting system, many of the voters decided that the two choices weren't enough. Among the many write-in names were: Obama, Jebediah, Lincoln, Webster.

In all, they received almost 1,800 votes in their makeshift ballot box: A Starbucks coffee mug.

After the voting started, James realized that Jackson sounded a lot like Dixon, and she really didn't want that for her child so she began rooting for Logan.

"I don't know why I didn't realize the 'Jackson Dixon' thing, but I think once I realized that, he was going to be Logan no matter what." (And, as can be seen, just like most other voting systems, there's always someone wanting to rig the system in their favor.)

Was there a name they wouldn't use? Of course. "Chaz, definitely not Chaz, sounds like a bully," Dixon said of one write-in before the final count.

So what was the final tally?

Luckily for Jennifer James, she didn't have to resort to fixing the vote. "Logan -- by far," Dixon said of the vote. "At least by 400 or 500."

In the end, though, both names were used. The baby will be named Logan Jackson Dixon. The child is due in September.

Neither name was among the most popular names of 2012, which was led by Jacob and Mason, according to the Social Security Administration. But who knows? The couple may have started a trend. In names and in methods of deciding on names.

Now Mark Dixon is looking to marry the mother of his son.

“I don’t want to get her just a simple ring. I want to get her something that means something,” Dixon told the Register.

No word on whether or not Dixon will leave the decision on which ring he should buy up to his fellow Starbucks coffee drinkers.

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