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How airport issues push more travelers to choose cruise vacations

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As security and crowded airports continues to take its toll on travelers, going on a cruise is now becoming much more affordable and can be one of the most memorable and comfortable ways to take a vacation.

Instead of booking a flight, standing in long lines due to airline security and running through an airport trying to catch a connecting flight, many travelers are choosing to travel on a cruise which is an all-inclusive one-stop shopping experience to total relaxation.

Some of the real advantages to cruising are that your hotel room comes along with you and there is no need to count the hours until you arrive. Add to that costs include five star dining and gourmet meals, 24 hour room service along with lots of entertainment while traveling to a paradise island or a historical city in complete comfort.

Even as economies around the world are experiencing financial woes, industry statistics indicate just under 11 million people enjoyed a vacation at sea last year. It could be because one price covers just about everything compared to land vacations where travelers are faced with added expenses such as hotel rooms, valet parking, transportation, buying tickets for entertainment and restaurant expenses.

Here are some tips that will help to make your trip much more enjoyable:

Go ahead, book your own cruise. Every cruise has its own website so travelers can easily book their own trip. Checking out all of the details a cruise-line offers such as shore excursions, babysitting and what kind of entertainment they offer is fun.

Dressy clothes for the formal dining room? Not necessarily, many ships have lots of various dining options such as buffets, cafes and some ships even have “dress casual” nights in the formal dining rooms. Keep in mind also that just because it is a formal dress night when dining that doesn’t mean tuxedos and gowns. A suit or a dress will be just fine.

Clothes travelers shouldn’t forget to pack. Make sure to bring flip-flops or other slip-on shoes and a robe or cover-up for walking from the pool to your cabin. Pack for the weather as you cruise and when you get to your destination. Be sure to check weather forecasts and pack accordingly.

Don’t expect perfection. When something goes wrong like a toilet clogging, just ask the management to correct the problem. If someone is rude, forget about it stay positive. Having a good attitude is important to the whole experience.

Get some exercise. Don’t take the elevators, they will mostly be crowded, especially around dinner and show times. Take the stairs or how about a lap around the Promenade Deck to take in the oceans and release some of those endorphins.

Keep enough money aside just for tips and be generous. Some waitresses aboard cruise lines only get $50 a month and her income depends on gratuities so be generous.

Have fun and party but practice moderation. The last thing you want to do is spend the night in a medical facility. Know your limits. Too much food, drink or overdoing it will just make you sick.

Crime Prevention. Minimize the amount of cash you carry. Use ATM machines and Travelers Checks. If you travel with valuables, put them in a safe.

Stay healthy, do some medical research about vaccinations. Some countries that you plan to visit require vaccinations and can obtain a list of vaccinations recommendations by calling one of the American Express Card hotlines. Also keep medicines in their original containers to avoid problems with customs duties and a copy of your prescriptions with metric measurements.

Avoid common travelers’ ailments. In some countries it is important to avoid raw vegetables, unpeeled fruit, meat, seafood, tap water, ice and unpasteurized milk and dairy products. Make sure to drink only commercially bottled and sealed beverages or water. While it’s fun to buy food from street vendors, try to resist.

Most of all take a deep breath, relax and don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember once you’re aboard pretty much everything is taken care of for you. Even if you were to hop on board with just a couple changes of clothes and a toothbrush, you’re pretty much set for a week.

Image Source: Wikipedia - MS Majesty of the Seas

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