$2 Million Christmas Tree A Golden Jewel in Tokyo

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What does $2 million buy in a Christmas tree? In Tokyo at one particular boutique in the Ginza, that would be a 8-foot-tall tree bedazzled by 60 hearts and 100 shiny ribbons--all distinctive decorations made of pure gold.

Bowing at the Ginza Tanaka jewelry store in the Japanese capital, this particular tree attracts loads of attention in the Land of the Rising Sun. In fact, the new installation of the iconic holiday symbol has turned into a must-see tourist attraction in Tokyo's most alluring shopping district.

So why such an extravaganza?

Perhaps just to shed some good cheer after a rather gloomy time in this Asian hot spot. Or maybe because, as everyone knows, when a golden opportunity presents itself you take it and enjoy. (And, no, the $2 million Christmas tree in question, seen here, is not for sale).

Whatever the reason why this Christmas present has been given to all who have the chance to see the tree, the woody perennial has been given a bright and very special nod as the World's Most Expensive Christmas Tree by the World Records Academy. So it's a winner, that's for sure--and documented for good measure.

Not only that but this highly decorated tree and its power position is an actual work of art. The jewelry store where the creation now stands was the brainchild of the store and the celebrated flower arrangement artist Shogo Kariyazaki. And, yes, this tree is one-of-a-kind.

In fact, the $2 million Christmas tree made of gold is so unique that visitors and locals alike have been posing with the shiny object d'art all weekend long.

Just so you know: It took 26 pounds of pure gold to perfect the look of this modern art version of a Christmas tree, on display through December 25 at this special Tokyo store. And it is at this particular venue where everyone who stops by to see the tree adores this shiny symbol of the winter season, showikng that is so by flashing big bright smiles and taking at least one picture each of this particular treasure to treasure all year around.

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