5 April Fools Day Pranks Even 'Punk'D' Fans Like Justin Bieber Will Love

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April Fools Day is coming up on Sunday in many countries, some nations of which call this unofficial holiday All Fools Day. And it should be, especially if you can get in a good laugh that is at least somewhat like the one you will experience when you watch Punk'D, premiering tonight with Justin Bieber presiding in a revamp of the old show.

And just like Justin Bieber, who is a known prankster constantly trying to pull off a practical joke in the name of a good giggle, here are some all around fun fake-outs to make your friends and family appreciate the day.

First of all, for those of your tribe who tend to snoop in the medicine cabinet, take out the contents and replace these essentials with marbles. Yes, marbles. That way when the door is opened, those marbles will fall out and make a lot of noise, surprising the victim and making the prankster laugh out loud. Yep! Someone has been punk'd.

To carry out April Fools Day prank number 2, tuck the real cord for your overhead fan out of sight and then tape on a fake one. That faux cord will then be attached to a cup of confetti you have set on top of one blade, sitting there out of sight until the unsuspecting victim turns on the fan. And then, voila! The cup will unfold, dumping little pieces of paper all over your subject's head.

An oldie but goodie, the third April Fools Day prank just requires a few quarters and a strong tube of glue. Place them on the nearest sidewalk set in the sticky stuff and then witness all kinds of folks trying to grab the money over and over again. Some may even try to pry them away and fall down in the process, all in the name of fun.

Number four is a good practical joke for kids. Take the cap off of a carton of milk and put in a few drops of a brightly hued food coloring. Then, when it's time for cereal, your boys and/or girls will pour out a strange colored substance that's fine to drink and funny to look at too, especially on a day when these kinds of silly pranks are not only acceptable but expected.

Number 5 is also for the kids and it will take a bit of acting: Wake up the little ones this April Fools Day, which is on a Sunday. Despite their protests, tell get them to get dressed, give them breakfast, and then drive them to school. By then, the more gullible might be convinced it's a school day while the others will be just plain angry. In either case, simply shout, "April Fools Day" and cackle. Soon, all the good sports in your family will be shouting and laughing, too.

And so, as the holiday that is not really a holiday, at least in the official sense, comes up on April 1, have a happy April Fools Day and hope you can punk someone before you get punk' d first. That is, unless Justin Bieber is around, in which case let the teen heartthrob give you a ribbing by way of a practical joke. It will definitely be a wicked memory that will definitely last a lifetime.

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