'America's Got Talent' Season 6 Finale Predictions - Who Will Win the NBC Talent Show?

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America's Got Talent is coming to a close, much to the relief of many who crave a fall TV season full of fresh concepts and more options. But, for those who have watched all 30 episodes of AGT this summer, this is a bittersweet week of small screen talent vying for the chance to grab a million bucks and a headlining act in Las Vegas.

But who will it be?

That's a tough call, even for the pundits who often seem to know it all. This year on America's Got Talent, the acts showing their stuff on national TV have been so uneven that it's been tough to find the real deal: Someone or some group who really reach the top of the ladder; who really can command a crowd who are willing to pay good money to see a show in Sin City.

So, again, who will it be? Let's look at the contenders, who have now been dwindled down to merely four, thus now with the chance to win America's Got Talent.

First up is the only solo performer in the finals this season on AGT: Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.

This Logan, West Virginia local who washed cars to play the bills and who claims a voice as velvety as Frank Sinatra and as smooth as Dean Martin, is definitely a front runner. He even beat out once top contender Anna Graceman, an 11-year-old singer and pianist who really showed amazing panache when being in front of a large group of discerning talent seekers. But in the end, the final four spot went to Landau.

But will Murphy inspire the nation to vote for him? Hard to tell. This is one man who could pull off this hat trick depending on how much attention he can grab. If social media is any indication, Murphy has very little in the way of following right now on Twitter, but then again, he's new to the medium yet not to music. In that genre, Landau soars. So will he win. Maybe.

Next up for consideratio is Colorado-based Silhouettes, a dynamic dance troupe containing members as young as four and as old as 20-something. And, together, the lot really command attention.

They do so because this America's Got Talent act's "talent" is much more than just simply taking on the floor boards. Much of their performance is done in silhouette (hence the name) and in front of a backlit scrim where their collective forms freeze into familiar architectural masterpieces or famous scenes. The members also use their bodies as letters to spell out compelling words and they even sometimes use props to bring an idea to widely accepted fruition.

In other words, Silhouettes is an all-purpose crowd pleaser, garnering attention from all demographics and consistently applauded by the three America's Got Talent judges, Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne, and Piers Morgan. But these three aren't voting, so that may mean the campaigning from this diverse group better be aggressive, to say the least.

A dance troupe with another gimmick, Team iLuminate also made it to the AGT finals and may just pull off the AGT win. Or not. This all depends if America likes their dancers doused in a certain kind of glow paint so what you see of each performer can be manipulated by computer while that artist prances across the stage under black light conditions, forming various kinds of poses, either singularly or with fellow teammates, many of which seem a bit out-of-this-world.

For geeks, the software alone is enough to pull these kids through to the end -- but not everyone wants their art to come out of such an egg head existence. Still, the person who controls the wearable technology iLuminate wears was once a dancer herself so she is fine with mixing mediums to come up with what is really a wow of an act. In fact, Miral Kotb, said to have written her first program at age nine, danced with the group last week to win the right to compete in the finals. But, will these guys be the ones standing (and glowing) at the end of America's Got Talent. Hard to tell.

Finally, on the back end of the AGT final four contestant's list, there's lively teen pop rocker group PopLyfe, all of whom hail from the Bay Area in California. This musical tribe has been the dark horse all season, pulling up their act in recent weeks with renditions of familiar Beatles tunes and then a Jackson Jackson 5 tribute performance for the America's Got Talent semi-finals last week.

Their ace in the hole (and possibly the reason they may just find themselves on stage in Las Vegas) is PopLyfe's main singer, Kehlani Parrish. At age 14, this talent registers more than her years betray. She's a fighter and she's a player and she's a loyal member of a band that apparently keeps her singing. The others include two of the kids born to Toni Tone singer D’Wayne Wiuggins while a couple of the others are the spawn of drummer Ranzel Merritt. So, while four grew up in the music business, it's Kahlani who keeps these guys going for the gold but the fact that they are all amazing musicians in their own right certainly helps.

But that's not the point.

PopLyfe is a new breed, and may just represent America best and, therefore, may be the act to beat on the TV talent show rightfully called America's Got Talent. After all, until the voting happens and the tally is, well, tallied, one never knows. At least not until Wednesday night on AGT when the fat lady may not sing, but the winner will be announced. Good luck to all!


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I would have agreed that Poplyfe had a good chance because of all the younger viewers, but after they botched two Queen songs... I'm thinking team iLuminate all the way

Submitted by AnActualPrediction (not verified) on
First, this is a lame article.. given that it is actually a recap of the final 4 talents, bereft of an actual prediction. Weak, people. Really weak. Second, the CLEAR, singular talent and ostensible winner of the season is Landau.. Sinatra wishes (wished) his voice and style were as flawless. I can't wait to buy his impending albums and see him in Vegas. That being said, he won't actually win this competition.. since the same Americans who like Michelle Bachmann are the ones who sit around home and vote between shopping stints on QVC. There's just no way they'll vote for a black man stealing their rat-pack memories. That also then nixes PopLyfe's chances (which makes me happy since, while they're a good band, they're just a band -- and not particularly innovative), given their look and age. Silhouettes performs brilliantly, if not forgettably, and without innovation. They're amazing for 3 minutes, but after 10 minutes I'd be running for the door in boredom. As for iLuminate, I love the technology but they fall short as an act.. many of the "America's Best Dance Crews" were SIGNIFICANTLY better and tighter, so after the amazement with the synchro-light-show ends, you're left with a sloppy dance and black light. That being said, isn't the Blue Man Group still a world sensation? Arrrrrgh! iLuminate will win, because people can't help but vote for the bright shiny object. Landau, much like Adam Lambert, will take the #2 spot -- but, not tied to a silly contract, ultimately end up much better off than the winner. Mark my words! ;)

Submitted by Rizzle (not verified) on

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Silhouettes are boring as all get out. I couldn't imagine sitting through an entire Vegas show of that fluff. Same goes for Team iLuminate. While their act is nice for 3 minutes at a time, I can't imagine sitting through an entire show of theirs. Poplyfe blew it last night, and quite frankly they should not have even made the finals to begin with. Landon Swank the Magician was much better than them. Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. is what this show is all about. A guy washing cars in West Virginia with an incredible voice who never was given a chance to show what he could do. Here's to you Landau, hope you are the Victor!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I agree with you 100%! Landau is absolutely amazing. I will be saving my money to go to see him in Vegas. AND...you are right on about Poplyte. It should've been Landon Swank in their slot. He was a very modern and unique magician. And you are right on about the other two groups, Sil and 'i'. After a few minutes I would be ready to leave my seat.

Submitted by The Mysterious Kat (not verified) on
Lol. Im watching it and just saw all the rejects sing together. EPIC!!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Yea Baby!!! Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. the winner. Awesome. He was great each and every time he was on the show. Have to admit I was shocked to see Team iLuminate finish 3rd. I guess all those little kids in SIlhouettes gave people a warm and fuzzy feeling. WAY TO GO LANDAU!!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Landon swank was not a goof magician at all. I figured out how he did every one of his tricks as he was doing them in one viewing.

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