Angelina Jolie Secure with Brad Pitt in Handcuffs at Toronto Film Festival 'Moneyball' Premiere

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Talk about feeling secure. Angelina Jolie showed up with Brad Pitt in handcuffs for the Moneyball premiere.

The ravishing actress also showed up wearing a Louis Vuitton Lockit PM Devotion purse, to which she had attached her wrist with the aforementioned handcuffs. The kinky apparatus was gold. Well, gold-plated.

This made for interesting conversation at the Toronto Film Festival event which was held at The Roy Thomson Hall. The two superstars were in town from the UK where Pitt is filming World War Z and where Angelina Jolie has set up house with the couple's children in the southwest section of London called Richmond.

Meanwhile, across the Pond in Canada, Angelina Jolie was rocking the red carpet for her partner's film. And, probably as a nod to her Louis Vuitton core values campaign which was shot in Cambodia this past spring, the elegant actress made sure her clutch was not clutched by anyone other than herself.

Actually, Angelina Jolie is very attached to Cambodia, having adopted her son Maddox, who hails from the Asian country where she has been known to devote a number of humanitarian efforts. And, as for the Vuitton campaign, Jolie allegedly donated her fee as spokesperson to help fund certain charity efforts in Cambodia.

That said, now Angelina Jolie is by Brad Pitt's side as he premieres his new film that co-stars Jonah Hill and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Based on a Michael Lewis book about Billy Beane (played by Pitt) -- the general manager for the Oakland As who was once a baseball player -- the film taught Brad a lot about baseball since he admits to not having a strong knowledge base about the American sport before making this new flick.

So, while the Moneyball reviews are yet to come in force, Angelina Jolie serves as a major asset to Brad Pitt while her asset of the Louis Vuitton purse was handcuffed to her dainty wrist, all while she wore a Vivienne Westwood power cocktail dress to make waves at the new movie. And make waves she did, all with the help of a reported $15,000 handbag.

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