The Bachelor Ben Flajnik Kisses and Tells Jimmy Kimmel

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The Bachelor Ben Flajnik is in his second week of telecasts for the ABC show, and with that under his belt (so to speak), this Northern Californian traveled south down the Golden State to talk to Jimmy Kimmel in Hollywood on Monday.

And while he did, Ben spoke about the women of his desire on this TV match up show as Jimmy commented about all the kissing that was going on during that evening's episode when the whole gang took over Flajnik's wine country home town of Sonoma.

Flajnik, who had not seen what had aired on January 9 until the show was seen by everyone else, did not know how crazy things got in the house among the women who were trying their best to catch this heart throb's attention early in the game and by any means possible, leaving at least two of them to cry about how this journey was playing out.

With that in mind, Jimmy Kimmel talked one particlar woman, a so-called model named Courtney from Santa Monica, CA. He said she was "arguably the most physically attractive of the bunch." And Ben, who said just about that during a voice-over on the show before he started a one-on-one dates with this fetching female, picked her to continue on the dating game with him even though the other women are not at all fond of this particular person.

Nevertheless, she is very much in the competition.In fact, Flajnik seemed oblivious to the ways in which Courtney related (or did not relate) to the rest of the lovely competitors. He seemed shocked by the way she acted on the show when he was away from the cameras and therefore wasn't in on the doings of the small screen.

With that explored, Kimmel decided to call out the women -- "catty" as they are -- who will remain as the final four on the show. Jimmy said the quartet will consist of Casey B, Lindsay C, Nicki, and, yes, Courtney (who he dubbed "evil").

When Flajnik was asked whether or not a wedding will take place on the tube after all this dating and kissing and then deciding who is "the one", Ben told Kimmel that probably wasn't on the agenda.

What is on this handsome and very fit man's agenda is an on-going friendship with his former love Ashley Hebert, a woman who turned him down when he was on bended kness on the The Bachelorette, , picking her fiance, JP Rosenbaun instead. In fact, this oddball trio who got close thanks to The Bachelor franchise are constantly in contact, as well as the topic of tweets from Hebert, who keeps the social media tool close at hand so she can express herself for everyone to read when the whim takes her there.

Meanwhile, The 2012 Bachelor Ben Flajnik was a good sport with a fair sense of humor when he appeared to deliver his kiss and tell regarding his new reality show gig with Jimmy Kimmel on his talk show Monday night. Both men appear on ABC.

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I would like to know if there is a way to contact Ben via email to see if we may be related somehow. Flajnik is not a common name and I have been told we have relatives all over the world including my cousin Greg Flajnik, his wife Cheryl and kids that live in California. I reside in Windsor, Ontario Canada and I think it would be really cool to touch base with Ben and maybe even give him my two cents on who he should get closer too on the show and who needs to go! Thanks, Beth

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